Como ir para terapia técnica de crochê

Não é segredo que eu acho que o crochê é uma excelente ferramenta terapêutica cura. Ainda, Eu adoro ouvir outras pessoas dizem! That’s why I wanted to share with you today an excerpt from a book review of Crochet Saved My Life that is about exactly that.

Psych Central’s Caroline Comeaux Lee recently gave Crochet Saved My Life a positive review, calling it a worthwhile read. In her review, she also shared her own story:

I began crocheting when I was 19. It was the most stressful point in my life. I had just started my first semester of college, had moved to a different state where I knew no one, and to top off that ice cream sundae of life’s situations, I had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor three days before I moved to the school.

Once I learned the initial basic stitches, I was hooked (pun intended). I spent hours in my dorm room crocheting scarves or just crocheting a single stitch over and over. I would go into a completely meditative state and even if there was music or a TV on in the background, I never really absorbed what I was hearing. Agora, many years later, crochet is my go-to therapy. In moments of stress and anxiety, my fingers begin to itch for the feel of the hook in one hand and the yarn in the other.

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  1. Keeping my hands moving calms my jaggy mind.

  2. Crochet has helped me through chemotherapy for Stage 3 endometrial cancer. It keeps my mind off the side effects of treatment and makes me so happy when I’ve finished something beautiful.

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