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Yesterday I shared my Escama Studio saco top de crochê pop. Today I wanted to let you know that Escama Studio has a new video tutorial available that shows you how to crochet a pop tab Christmas ornament.

About Escama Studio

Escama Studio is a San Francisco based organization that does Fair Trade Crochet work with artisans in Brazil who use crochet to upcycle aluminum pop tabs into beautiful bags.

How to Crochet a Pop Top Christmas Ornament

If you are interested in learning pop tab crochet yourself then you might want to check out the new crochet video (abaixo) from Escama Studio, which shows how to crochet an ornament.

The Crochet Designer

brazil crochet artisan Crochet Pop Top Christmas Ornament Video Tutorial

The video was filmed by designer Francisca Ribiero de Souza in Brazil. Seu “who made thisprofile on the site shares from the designer:

My name is Francisca Ribeiro de Souza. Eu sou 41 years old and have 6 crianças. I have been at the association for 5 anos. I work making bags, accessories and home furnishings with recycled can tabs. I love my job. I am the president of the group. I am really happy for being able to help other mothers, who otherwise couldn’t get a job. Because of my age, I am really thankful to God that I can work.

Get the Ornament free with Purchase

Pop tab crochet is cool but it’s not for everyone. People who want the ornament but don’t want to make it may be interested to know that right now Escama Studio is giving away one of these ornaments with each online purchase. This offer is good until midnight on Christmas Day 2012.

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