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Here’s my roundup of all of the best posts in all areas of crochet blogging from the past week.

Algo especial

Acho que o que? I’ve joined the Crochet Today team as a weekly guest blogger on their site. I’m excited about this. You can see my introduction post here and learn some new things about me. Then you can check out my first guest blog, sobre reading foreign language crochet blogs.

Smart Crochet Articles

Livros de crochet

Beautiful Crocheted Items

kids crochet sweater 400x392 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

Eu adoro este pouco definido que o @creativejmom feita usando o padrão de suéter de Moogly e o padrão de chapéu de AlliCrafts

crochet slippers 400x195 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

I’m also loving the crochet slippers made by Pass the Cereal

crochet snowflakes 400x280 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

Cherry Heart made lots of beautiful crochet snowflakes. Click over to check out all of the great photos.

How To Crochet

Padrões de crochet

Crochet Video

New workshop sneak preview from Robyn Chachula


Yarn company Berroco shares some history

Other Fun Stuff

And Some Special Thanks

Boa leitura, happy weekend, happy holidays!

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Inscrever-se todas as mensagens por e-mail diário ou por um leitor de feeds.

Inscrever-se meu boletim onde partilho crochê notícias e atualizações de todos os 1-2 meses.


Congratulations on the guest blogging spot! Can't think of anyone better!


Congrats on your new blogging gig at Crochet Today! And thanks for including my book review in this week's link love :).

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