Tome um momento meditativo para ver este vídeo Crochet

por Kathryn em Novembro 9, 2012 · 1 comentário

em Yarnbombing

O 15 minute video below shows a group of yarnbombers crocheting (e fazendo um pouco de tricô) and then participating in a yarnbombing project. Por alguma razão, I found this video compelling. I especially enjoyed the first two minutes of the video, which is entirely close-ups of hooks and needles moving through yarn. I think it’s because I found it really meditative to just stop everything for two minutes and watch this motion.

I did fine my mind wandering as I watched, but in a lovely reflective way. I would wonder what the person was making. I would wonder what type of yarn I was looking at. I would notice the difference in hand motions between crochet and knitting, between crochet hooks held different ways. Then I’d immerse myself back into the video again, listening to the music, watching the needlework.

I think it’s important to take a little bit of downtime each day to just do something relaxing, focused and beautiful. That’s why I’m sharing the video with youin the hopes that you’ll at least take the first two minutes to watch, sit down and do nothing except BE.

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