Crochet Monkey Blanket Pattern

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Every once in awhile I see a crochet pattern that is just so cute that I have to pass it along. That’s what happened when I saw the crochet monkey blanket pattern for sale through Craftsy. I probably won’t make it myself, because I really don’t know anyone I could give it to and I don’t really enjoy making motif-based project, but I think that it’s such an adorable pattern that I want to spread the word about it so other people can make it!

crochet monkey blanket 400x533 Crochet Monkey Blanket Pattern

There are actually two different (but similar) crochet monkey blanket patterns sold by TwoSeasideBabes on Craftsy. There’s a blue one (intended for baby boys) and there’s a pink one with white flowers (meant for baby girls).

detail crochet monkey blanket 400x299 Crochet Monkey Blanket Pattern

Each pattern costs $4 and is designed for crocheters with advanced skill levels. The pattern doesn’t include any complicated stitches but the construction technique is advanced. The pattern, worked with an F crochet hook, is designed to make a 30x 33″ manta de crochê.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Monkey Blanket Pattern

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Agreed - such a cute pattern! Those little monkeys peaking out are adorable. I'll have to look into purchasing the pattern. Obrigado por compartilhar.

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