Exposição Museu de arte Bellevue artes inclui Jo Hamilton Crochet

I have to give some credit to the Bellevue Arts Museum, which has featured crochet work in multiple exhibits in recent years. Right now there is an exhibition going on called High Fiber Diet that celebrates the fiber arts and does include some crochet, including the work of terrific portrait artist Jo Hamilton.

About Bellevue Art Museum

Museu de arte de Bellevue (BAM) is a unique museum in that it focuses on the intersection between art, design and craft. Eu amo isso! I mentioned this museum before when Nathan Vincent had work featured in a multi-artist exhibit there. I also mentioned an exhibit called O conteúdo misterioso da suavidade that was at Cornell but I should mention now that it was first shown at Bellevue Art Museum. Bellevue Art Museum is located in Bellevue, Washington here in the US.

About High Fiber Diet

A current exhibition at BAM is High Fiber Diet, which opened last month and runs through February.

A partir do site:

With its versatility and ready availability, fiber has long had its firm place in the Do-It-Yourself movement, yet is often underexposed in the traditional art world. Shining a spotlight on fiber art created in the Northwest, BAM Biennial 2012: High Fiber Diet celebrates both the region’s rich traditions as well as new expressions, where concepts of art and craft merge.

Jo Hamilton Crochet in this Exhibit

jo hamilton crochet art poster Bellevue Arts Museum Art Exhibit includes Jo Hamilton Crochet

Crochet portrait artist Jo Hamilton created work that was used in the promotional poster for the exhibit.

jo hamilton crochet portrait Bellevue Arts Museum Art Exhibit includes Jo Hamilton Crochet

She also has work on display in the exhibit.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Bellevue Arts Museum Art Exhibit includes Jo Hamilton Crochet

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