24 Verdades Sobre O Poder de Cura do Crochet

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A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to the amazing women who hook to heal. Estes 23 women all generously allowed me to interview them for my book, Crochet Saved My Life, where I was able to share their stories so that others can see how healing crochet can be. Today I thought I’d share a quote from each of those women and one from myself to help you get a sense of what we talk about in the book. The book is now available and can be purchased online here.


"A sensação do fio e os movimentos rítmicos produzidos por crochê são muito acalmando e me ajude a se reagrupar, recharge and become reconnected to my inner self amidst turmoil and confusion.”


When I’m anxious, the concrete feeling of the yarn against my fingers is something to focus on.

Aurore’s blog


"A fibromialgia roubou meu trabalho e me levou a ter que aprender a ser uma esposa e mãe diferente. Crochê é algo que quase sempre pode fazer e eu posso fazê-lo para os outros. "


“Crochet me ajuda a acalmar e relaxar, muda o meu foco da miséria para algo interessante e prazerosa, e dá-me a capacidade de criar e, assim, manter-me mentalmente saudável.”

O blog de Elisabeth Andrée


“Eu descobri quando eu tinha pego minha agulha de crochê que minha mente estava tão ocupado pontos de contagem e descobrir um padrão que simplesmente não têm tempo para se preocupar. Menos preocupação significa menos estresse na minha vida e comecei a acalmar. Eu só comecei a fazer crochê como um louco apenas para obter alívio.”

Em no Etsy


“I remember when Sandie had crocheted me a beautiful prayer shawl after I was raped. I cannot put into words the comfort that that shawl has brought and brings to me to this very day. I hope that the teal scarf will do that for some other victim as the prayer shawl has done for me.”


“I can carry a granny square with me to work or just about anywhere. The repetitive motion is very calming for me, especially when I’m working on a pattern that is memorized.”

Jennifer Crutchfield online


“My ankle injury has caused so much upheaval but maybe it will end up very positively changing our lives forever. Crochet has played a huge part in this process.”

Katherine Dempsey online


That’s me! icon smile 24 Truths About The Healing Power of Crochet I had a lot to say on this topic of course, but here’s the quote I decided to excerpt for this post:

“Eu estava preso entre a rocha proverbial e um lugar duro e meu crochê serviu como uma alavanca para começar a me erguer para fora desse espaço difícil. Eu mal sabia que estava acontecendo e ainda esse gancho cavou fundo para dentro do núcleo do meu ser e me levantou em um espaço onde eu poderia, mais uma vez começar a respirar. In the most basic and obvious way possible I was creating a life for myself simply through the act of creating.


During one of my last OB appointments my doctor said to try to bring something in the delivery room that would put my focus on something other than childbirth, and maybe that would help. I immediately decided to bring a crochet project. It definitely helped take my mind off of the pain.

Kristine Mullen online


If I was sitting, Eu malha. I made things for my friends, my kids, the pets, I made rugs for the floors and doilies and even jam jar cozies. I did this to stay sane; it was a constant, it was predictable, it was a way to be in the here and now.”

Laurie’s blog


“Rowan’s Blanket Project gave me something positive to focus on whenever the grief was too much. Telling people about the project, planejamento, and teaching gave me a way to talk about our loss without feeling guilty that I was burdening others. I had more than one person thank me because naturally they had no idea what to say when I told them about losing Rowan, but talking about my Project helped ease the difficult conversation.

Remembering Rowan Project


“Fiquei impressionado. Not so much with the fact that I had been able to crochet while blind, but with the fact that those first forty-eight hours just flew by. Crocheting kept me busy counting, feeling the stitches back and forth to make certain that I had not skipped or doubled, and keeping the yarn from knotting. I had no time to feel pity and worry about what was to come.


What I didn’t know until fairly recently was how meditative crochet can be. Being able to have a small crochet project to work on anywhere – at home, on the bus, while waiting in line – meant I could create a quiet space in my head whenever I had a few minutes to spare. Those small quiet spaces can add up to a lot over time.

M.K. Carroll online


“I tend to believe the claims made for the health benefits of crocheting – it is good for stress management, strengthening the immune system, regulating blood pressure. I can only testify to its help with depression, but as a cancer survivor, I consider continuing to crochet part of my general health plan.

Margaret Mills online


Crochet is basically repeating the same thing over and over again, and for me that flow really helps me get through the day. But at the same time, you have to keep thinking about what you’re doing, so it never gets boring. And you get to be creative while you’re at it – what more can you want?"

Marinke’s blog


I think for me, this was really the best craft to have served as my distraction. It took a minimum of supplies that were readily available to me, I could do it in my living room on my comfy couch, and I was making something for someone I loved.

Martha Stone online


The pleasant click of my favorite red, aluminum hook against my wedding ring as I hook the yarn that weaves through my fingers is audible, tactile and grounding. There is no room for worry, for grieving, for regret, for analyzing when I focus on one stitch at a time. The process of healing takes precedence.”

Nessa online


I can’t remember an exact moment when I realized how healing crochet was for me (one of the many downsides of not getting enough sleep as a new mom is having a terrible dearth of memories from those months!), but I just remember thinking one day that crochet had saved me in a very real way.

Rachel’s blog


“When I sit at night, or in the car, if I’m at all tired – the legs start twitching. I will pick up my crocheting and the legs stop. I’m not sure if the same part of my brain that tells my legs to twitch also tells my fingers to move in a certain way, but that’s the way I think about it. Just knowing that I can alleviate the wiggles gives me great emotional relief.”


Crochet helps me put my pain on the back burner for a while. It takes my focus away from how I’m feeling and puts it in a more productive place. As I’m sure anyone who ever felt any kind of pain can tell you, if you are distracted from focusing on that pain it seems lessened somehow.”

Shelli Steadman online


Crocheting is a great stress reliever. When I crochet, it relaxes me and helps gets my mind off of my own problems. When I am upset, for some reason, my fingers work even faster; contudo, completing the project calms me down and makes me feel so much better.

Sherri A. Stanczak online


It can become pretty depressing when you can’t walk or take care of your family or do anything you did in your “normal life”. Crochet era a única coisa que não mudou. My crochet was my constant companion.

Tammy Hildebrand online


"Quando eu crochê eu não pensar em como meu corpo está agora quebrado; I think about how I can create something beautiful and useful with my hook and either yarn or thread.

Vicki Sulfaro online



The cover photo for this book, mostrado acima, é por Julie Michelle

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I only picked up crocheting in March of this year but I've been hooked on it ever since. I'm going through alot of stress in life right now and nothing calms me down more than working on one of my projects. There is something amazing that happens when you crochet, there is a quiet calm that just helps put so many bad things that are running through your mind at the very back and you live in the moment. I look forward to getting this book and keep up the wonderful posts :)


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