Acabaram-se meus tapetes de crochê … Talvez

Há um mês atrás eu fiz um post mostrando-lhe um monte de praças de vovó grande Eu tive nas obras incluindo um conjunto de tapetes de crochê para meu corredor. Eu completou os tapetes e tê-los no corredor por algumas semanas, mas estou indeciso sobre se ou não eles vai ficar lá depois de tudo.

Os quatro tapetes têm algumas semelhanças entre todos eles. Todos têm o mesmo centro – um quadrado de um volumoso preto,Branco, fio marrom e rosa. Todos têm a mesma fronteira que é feita da fibra da alpaca prata. A fibra de alpaca foi uma escolha burra e é um ótimo exemplo do que acontece comigo quando vou ao meu LYS em vez de compras on-line. A maioria das pessoas que conheço dizem que compram melhor pessoalmente, mas faço compras muito pior. I don’t know why I can’t seem to think through my purchase carefully but I never can. No final, I didn’t really like the silver color with the rest of the colors in the rugs. But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is that the alpaca is so soft and smooth that it slips a little bit on the hardwood floor and that seems like it could be dangerous over time. I can just see stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night sometime and ending up flat on my face with a sprained ankle and a chipped tooth. I may just add an extra round of bulky yarn around each of them in a thicker texture to make them stick better to the floor.

The squares aren’t all the same although they have similar color schemes. In some of them I made a bulkier yarn for certain rounds by holding two strands of worsted together. The two center squares are two rounds smaller than the other two. This was a yarn issue but it works out well because the center of my hallway is more crowded anyway. All in all, I’m happy with how well they tie together. But I’m not sure that I like them as rugs. I think my personal style is shifting and I might prefer something less busya set of single neutral color doily rugs or something like that. So I’m thinking that in the end these four squares might be joined together with some extra work around them to make a crochet quilt. Vamos ver. For now they’ll stay on my floor and at some point down the line maybe they’ll get repurposed.

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San Francisco com base e crochê obcecada pelo escritor, sonhador e espírito criativo!

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  1. I love your hallway rugs Kathryn. Line the backs of them with the rubberized shelf liner (I’ve bought mine at the Dollar Tree) and you should have no problem with them slipping and sliding. :)

  2. I think they look really cool in your hallway. I agree with dlyrs, if you keep them as rugs, line the backs! But it would be fun to use them as a slip nslide in your hall!

  3. They look great, but yes, the alpaca sounds like a recipe for disaster. I think in the shop it is easier to get carried away and buy pretty stuff than online where you can just not click on certain categories :).

    • @undergroundcrafter I do this weird thing where I always think I like something in the store and then I get it home and I don’t really like it. I don’t know why it happens. Everyone else has the opposite problemthey can’t tell what they like as much online. Odd. But at least I have the option of doing it either way!

  4. Beautifull work!!!!

  5. Amá-los!

  6. Muito bonito. I would use a liner also to keep them from slipping. You might be able to use the puffy fabric paint. I know people use it for the bottoms of slippers and it works well. It is washable so that may be an option.

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