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Move over TOMS, the new crochet shoes made as a collaboration between VANS and Krochet Kids may give you a run for your money!

The Krochet Kids VANS Shoe

Most crocheters have heard of Krochet Kids by now. If you haven’t, it’s basically a fair trade crochet organization that employs workers in developed nations to crochet items at a fair wage with the goal of empowering those women and creating sustainable income for those communities.

striped krochet kids vans shoe Krochet Kids Vans Crochet Shoes

Krochet Kids collaborated with the Vans brand to create a limited edition shoe called the Bixie. The shoe sells through Nordstrom for about $60. It comes in two different stylesa red version with a crochet flower and a multi-colored stripe version with no flower. It’s basically a fabric Vans slip-on flat that has been enhanced with panels of crochet around the toe and heel. The outside has the Vans label and the inside has a label with the name of the crocheter who made that shoe.

red krochet kids shoes Krochet Kids Vans Crochet Shoes

Krochet Kids say that they chose to collaborate with Vans because they respect the brand for theirbrand integrity and family-driven community”. They say that they’ve modeled their own growth after the brand and point out that Vans has been successfully doing what they do for nearly four decades.

Similarity with TOMS Shoes

These new crochet shoes are definitely remnisicent of the oh-so-popular TOMS de crochê. The shape and style are similar. They are both slip-ons that are sold through Nordstrom for about the same price. The Toms label and Vans label are even in the same spot on the shoe. The main design difference is that the TOMS shoe is completely crochet whereas the new Krochet Kids Van shoe is crochet added on to a fabric shoe.

fuschia crochet toms Krochet Kids Vans Crochet Shoes

What is also similar between the two is that you’re helping someone in another country when you purchase these shoes. In the case of Krochet Kids, you’re supporting an organization that works with crocheters in developing nations. In the case of TOMS, you’re support a company that donates one pair of shoes to a child in need in a developing nation for every one pair of TOMS that is purchased.

yellow crochet toms Krochet Kids Vans Crochet Shoes

Like with the Krochet Kids Vans shoe, TOMS crochet shoes are generally limited edition shoes. They put out new ones seasonally, sometimes matching the previous ones and sometimes in different colors; this season there are yellow crochet TOMS. Since the Krochet Kids / Vans collaboration is new it remains to be seen whether future pairs will become available so if you’re keen on them it’s best to get them now.

Which shoes do you like betterthe crochet TOMS or the new Krochet Kids Vans?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Krochet Kids Vans Crochet Shoes

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