Eco-vestuário alterações de cores para mostrar a qualidade do ar

I recently saw something super intriguing over on ecouterre: a line of dresses dyed naturally with cabbages that change color to indicate the pH of the rain. Apparently they’re part crochet.

Designer Dahea Sun

rain palette clothing Eco Clothing Changes Colors to Show Air Quality

Dahea sol is a textile designer who graduates this summer with an MA in Textile Futures from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. She completed Rain Palette, the line of pH dresses, as part of her work at this school. It explores real time data expression in fashion related to showing air quality through naturally dyed fabric. It also raises awareness of acid rain issues and encourages wearers to be sustainable in their way of living. Dahea Sun has had exhibitions of her work in London and Seoul. She has received multiple design awards for her work.

Rain Palette

Rain Palette aims to provide an easy and poetic approach to visualising air quality through rainwater.

eco friendly ph dresses Eco Clothing Changes Colors to Show Air Quality

Rain Palette is a line of clothing that has all been dyed using natural dyes. The dyes react to pH levels in the rainwater by changing color. The idea is that the person wearing this clothing can get real-time, accurate information about atmospheric air quality based on the color changes of the dresses.

Craft in Fashion

eco friendly craft Eco Clothing Changes Colors to Show Air Quality

Dahea Sun says about this work: “I focused on making exquisite samples combining traditional craft skills such as knitting, embroidery and crochet.” Vou ser sincero, I can’t quite pinpoint the crochet in the finished dresses, although I do spy some fairly easily in the selection of samples shown in the photo above. (The grey piece, second down on the left, for example.)

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Eco Clothing Changes Colors to Show Air Quality

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