Impressionante Nova York Crochet arte que não seja de Olek

If you follow the crochet art posts on this blog then you know that I like Olek. She was the very first crochet artist I profiled on this blog and I’ve shared lots of her news since including a roundup of her videos, um link to a slideshow of an Olek show e alguns quotes from the artist. Olek is awesome. But she’s not the only crochet artist making cool work in New York.

So even though I love Olek, I thought I’d share the work of some other NY crochet artists:

Cristal Gregory

Cristal Gregory is an urban artist who does cool crochet work on the streets of New York. Ela tinha 2011 exhibits in New York City and Brooklyn, New York Mag wrote about her in 2011 and she was a 2010 winner of the NYC Department of Transit Public Art Grant which funded the work shown above which as a public work in Brooklyn.

Xenobia Bailey

Xenobia Bailey hails from Harlem. Fato engraçado: she was born Sherilyn in Seattle and changed her name to Xenobia around the time that he moved to New York to go to Pratt Institute in the 1970s. Um upcoming New York project of hers is that her work will be displayed next year on the subway system at the new 7 line station near 10th Avenue and 34th Street. The photo above, do MTA Arts for Transit Project, is a rendering of what the work will look like when complete but of course it will be in crochet.

Nathan Vincent

Male crochet artist Nathan Vincent is from the Midwest but he got his BFA from SUNY and seems to be planted in New York for the time being. He is currently part of a group show called F*CK Art which is hosted at the Museum of Sex in NY. That’s not a crochet piece (it’s collaborative drawings based on erotic CL ads) but he’s also currently an artist in residence at the Museum of Arts and Design Open Studios Program and they did the great video interview of him seen above.

Kristen Wicklund

Kristen Wicklund is a Brooklyn-based artist who does really cool porcelain work derived from crochet like the lace bowl piece shown above. She also does work with recycled plastic bag crochet and she sources her plastic bags straight from the streets of New York.

Aldo Lanzini

Aldo Lanzini constantly straddles two worldsthe world of crochet and art, the world of art and fashion, and the world between Europe and America. He divides his time equally between Milan and New York. The Huffington Post explains that Lanzini’s early crochet costume work was done in the mid-1990’s when he wasmaking crochet dresses and costumes for his underground circuit of friends in New York City”.

Menção honrosa: Ernesto Neto

Ernesto Neto is actually a Brazilian crochet artist but I figured he deserved an honorable mention for his terrific recent NY art exhibit at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery.

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San Francisco com base e crochê obcecada pelo escritor, sonhador e espírito criativo!

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  1. Thanks for profiling NY crochet artists. I’m swelling up with hometown pride right now!

    • @undergroundcrafter You should be! I should have also mentioned that a lot of those great 1970s artists I’ve profiled were centered in New York at the time and some of them are still there. I suppose I should get started on a CA roundup to celebrate my own area!

  2. Thanks for profiling NY crochet artists. I’m swelling up with hometown pride right now!

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  5. I was curious about Nathan Vincent’s video, but considering the content and that my nine year old is sitting right next to me, I’ll view it later! Didn’t know there was a whole museum devoted to S_X in NYC! I’ve been gone too long!

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