Almofada de Crochet upcycling em encolher de ombros Oversize

Recently I showed you these three old crochet pillows I made when I first started to crochet:

crochet pillows Upcycling Crochet Pillow Into Oversize Shrug

And I showed you how I took the grey one and repurposed it into two new smaller, more contemporary looking pillows:

granny square pillows Upcycling Crochet Pillow Into Oversize Shrug

Now I’ve gotten to work on the dark pink pillow (the one on the far left in the photo of all three together). Here’s what it looked like:

crochet pillow 400x300 Upcycling Crochet Pillow Into Oversize Shrug

Primeiro, I took it apart:

crochet fabric Upcycling Crochet Pillow Into Oversize Shrug

I knew that I used to have a lot of trouble counting my stitches and would never have perfect squares or rectangles but I didn’t realize how off it was! It’s just dc stitches so I don’t know why it was so tough for me to get it even!

Anyhow, I decided that the large swatch of crochet fabric would be the perfect base for an oversized shrug. First I folded it over into a long rectangle. Then I pinned the corners shut with decorative buttons. I could have seamed up a little bit to make a more defined sleeve but I wanted a really loose oversized look so I let the button suffice.

crochet shrug Upcycling Crochet Pillow Into Oversize Shrug

Then I created the rest of the shrug shape using Paton’s Soy Wool Silk Yarn in grey, mostly working crossed double crochet stitches. In the front, I wanted the collar to be taller and wider than the rest so what I did was on either side I started with ten hdc stitches, then ten dc, then ten tc, then ten double treble, then I filled in the rest of the center collar portion with triple treble stitches. (I love how the triple treble looks but it’s a really floppy stitch so it’s hard to work with large swaths of it; it worked well with just the small collar portion.)

oversize crochet shrug Upcycling Crochet Pillow Into Oversize Shrug

I added a little bit of trim to the bottom in the back for a more finished look. It’s slightly “fora” since the based wasn’t quite rectangular but it’s not too noticeable since it’s an oversized item. I’m happy with it.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Upcycling Crochet Pillow Into Oversize Shrug

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