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por Kathryn em Junho 1, 2012 · 7 comentários

em Meu trabalho de crochê

Ultimamente tenho vindo a fazer um monte de pequenas peças de arte de crochê. Eu pensei que eu iria partilhar algumas delas. Talvez eles inspirá-lo a fazer algo artístico com o seu crochê bem!

Empty Wine Packaging

A little while back I joined the Virgin Airlines wine club, which delivers wine to my house in big batches. I received my first box of fifteen wine bottles and as soon as I saw the thing they were packaged in I knew I needed to turn it into something artistic.

Here’s what I saw:

wine package 400x172 Crochet Art in the Works

I have a huge bunch of granny squares in various sizes that I haven’t used for anything:

granny squares Crochet Art in the Works

So I made this:

granny square crochet art Crochet Art in the Works

All I did here was I pulled out the brown, blue and cream colored squares that I had. I put the larger squares inside and the smaller squares outside, just gluing them all down. I love the three-dimensionality of it and varying layers / depth. I haven’t decided where I’m going to hang this yet but I’m happy with it.

Art Collage with Crochet

I picked up this kind of frightening large art piece from Goodwill for a few bucks:

canvas art Crochet Art in the Works

The first thing I did was add some doilies on top to cut the harshness of that background:

art with doilies Crochet Art in the Works

Then I started adding in photos of old magazines, photos of some of my crochet pieces and a few actual partial crochet granny squares:

crochet art collage Crochet Art in the Works

I have mixed feelings about this piece. For now it serves as a nice addition to my mantle but I think it’s really just a draft of an idea I want to develop further, collaging together crochet with photos of crochet on canvas backgrounds.

Undecided Piece in the Works!

crochet art pieces Crochet Art in the Works

Fui juntando estas peças em conjunto para fazer alguma coisa, mas eu ainda não sei o que algo vai ser.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Art in the Works
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I'm loving the wine bottle case piece. I'm somewhat disturbed by the painting from Goodwill - I think seeing it first colored my view of your crochet additions!


Kathryn, I love that you turn your crochet into art! I only tend to think about clothing and blankets - it's great to see this.

CrochetBlogger mediador

@undergroundcrafter I completely understand - it creeped me out working on it!! :) I actually have the second part of the wine bottle casing, também (there was one on the top of the package and one on the bottom) and I'm thinking I'll make a second piece to go with it but I haven't yet decided if I want to use a similar color scheme or a complementary one instead.

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