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Ever since I put together my list last week of my 8 blogs de crochê favoritos de língua espanhola, Estive um pouco obcecado sobre blogs sobre crochê que são em espanhol. Na verdade, I’ve been obsessing a little over the Spanish language. I learned Spanish in high school and I learned it pretty well, due less to my good study skills than to the fact that several of my close friends had Spanish speaking families. Now I’m more than a few years out of high school and I don’t practice my Spanish much so my language skills have gotten rusty. I watch subtitled Spanish movies now and I went to Buenos Aires last year so I was immersed in the language there but other than that I don’t practice much. I’m trying to change that now and have just started an on-my-own refresher course of the basics.

I’ve also been using my interest in crochet blogs to start practicing a little bit more by trying to read them in Spanish rather than using the translators on the sites. The nice thing about that is that I already read tons of English crochet blogs so it’s easy for me to guess the general idea of what’s being written about on the site even if I don’t know the language. And most crochet blogs have lots of visuals which also helps. Então, whether or not you speak Spanish, you might find that you like some of the Spanish crochet blogs that I’ve started discovering recently. Here are eight of my most recent finds:

spanish crochet blog1 Discovering New Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

.(y punto) is a lovely personal blog where the blogger shares her thoughts on various aspects of a creative life but the primary thing she talks about is crochet. She shares what she makes which most recently has been scarves and baby items.

spanish crochet blog2 Discovering New Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

Espacio Crochet is a beautiful blog featuring crochet alongside knitting and sewing. It’s filled with big pretty photos. It includes pattern shares in chart format. The blogger on this one is based in Spain.

spanish blog Discovering New Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

Texturas y Tejidos is a blog filled with short visual shares of fiber work featuring lots of crochet. Lately there have been several square-based blankets that I’ve enjoyed looking at.

spanish crochet blogs1 Discovering New Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

Puntos y Retazos is a blog from Uruguay. The blogger shares work in photos with short descriptions. I’ve loved looking at the detail of the nice stitch work on this one.

crochet dress 400x782 Discovering New Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

crochetmes3 is the blog of Spanish crochet designer Josep Mestres. I have only recently discovered this designer’s work but am really loving it. That’s why I shared a photo of one of those pieces as the image above instead of using the blog’s header on this one!

crochet blog Discovering New Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

SoloCrochet is a blog out of Spain that shows lovely crocheted items and how to make them using charts/ graphs. The one note I do have against this blog is that the writing is in ALL CAPS which I don’t personally like.

spanish crochet blog3 Discovering New Spanish Language Crochet Blogs is a Spanish crochet blog featuring lots of free patterns which are often in video format so that you can follow along even if you don’t speak the Spanish language.

spanish blog1 Discovering New Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

My Crochets, Mis Tejidos is a fun personal crochet blog. The blogger is in Texas. She shares things she’s made and shows photo-based tutorials for people who want to make similar things. The tutorials have Spanish and English instructions.

Nota: you can read Crochet Concupiscence in Spanish just by choosing that last red and yellow flag from the language translator at the top of the sidebar. Você também pode chegar lá usando o URL de espanhol: es /.

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Thank You very , very much.We need to keep this Art of Crochet alive.I love to crochet.Everything I do is coming from my HEART to all of my visitors and people around the world.Thanks for the recognition.You have a wonderful week. :0)

Happy crocheting.!



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