Designer Crochet: Hussein Chalayan

I know a little bit about a lot of the fashion designers that I’m checking out for the Projeto Designer Crochet but I have to admit that I’d never heard of Hussein Chalayan until now. Agora que vi seu trabalho, Embora, Eu sou um pouco apaixonado com o que ele faz. Isto provavelmente é porque ele realmente mistura arte e moda (kind of like Helen Rodel faz) and we all know that’s something I adore.

About Fashion Designer Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan graduated from St. Martins College for Art and Design in 1993, gaining attention for his artistic streak when he created silk dresses covered in iron filings and then buried them underground for weeks before displaying them on the runway in a state of slight decay. He presented his first collection at London Fashion Week two years later, started showing at Paris Fashion Week as well in 2001, launched a men’s collection in 2002 e, por 2004 he was opening his first flagship store, less than ten years after graduation from fashion school. Throughout that time he has challenged the fashion world with creative conceptual design as well as collections designed to make a statement about socio-political topics. Infelizmente, although he has been widely exhibited, his work isn’t commercial fashion so he struggles sometimes to pay the bills and in 2008 sold a majority share of his label to Puma where he works as the Creative Director. His work has been worn by Bjork and Lady Gaga.

Hussein Chalayan Crochet

I was only able to find crochet in one collection by Hussein Chalayan but it was featured on several pieces:

Leather and crochet jacket, 2010

Crochet Inspired by Chalayan

Kristi Kuusk (MA student at Estonian Academy of Arts) and Stela Dias Fernandes (BA graduate at Univesity of São Paulo) cited Chalayan as an inspiration for their conceptual crochet neckwarmer collection

Other Amazing Hussein Chalayan Fashions

I just had to share a few of the other cool fashions from this designer because they’re so creative and artistic!

It’s a table; no it’s a skirt!

Hussein Chalayan does really cool things with convertible design.

You can really see the artistry in these designs.

A 2010 Chalayan collection had several pieces with these great sculptural built in hands, via Atlantis Home


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