Saúde e natureza artista Kyle Ethan Fischer de crochê

Kyle Ethan Fischer does not take his health for granted. This started at the age of 12 when an accident scarred his corneas and nearly took his site from him. Mais recentemente, the 35-year-old has suffered several years of heart problems and is now healthy again. He uses his art as part of his healing process and it’s on display with a 2012 solo shoe called Sea Creatures & Blood Vessels inspired by his heart problems.

More about Crochet Artist Kyle Ethan Fischer

Kyle Ethan Fischer seems like an interesting man. He traces his heritage back to European and First Nations roots and was raised with the dual influence of both a Catholic and an Algonquin background. He was classically trained in painting and has a BFA. He studied figure drawing and anatomical drawing under experts in their fields. then he started developing work in sculpture. He is influenced by history of all kinds, including art history. Like many artists, his work explores the self and the role of the self in the larger community and how each of these things have a back and forth influence on one another. He really tells the story of the larger society through works that express individual experience.

Sea Creatures & Blood Vessels

This mixed media artist first came to my attention when I read a news article about Sea Creatures & Blood Vessels. It is made up of a series of paintings and mixed media sculptures. The work in this exhibit started out as detailed anatomical representations of the heart, which he made while he was trying to deal with his own heart health. It then grew to include imagery derived from sea creatures because Fischer was struck with the similarities between the fragile condition of sea life and that of human life.

What interested me about this mixed media art exhibit is that the sculptures mostly began as crochet work that Fischer did while he was convalescing. You all know that I think that crochet can be a terrific healing tool and this is yet another example of someone who has put that into practice. Fischer would work on his crochet in the hospital, making sculptures inspired by his condition. When he got home, he added in the additional mixed media objects that finished off the sculptures in this project.

The Artist’s Other Crochet Art

Fischer seems to start with crochet as a base for a lot of his sculptural piece, often using a crocheted wire base to make the foundation of the piece. He then adds in various found objects and repurposed objects. One piece I like is a large human-like sculpture that shows his background in figure art. It’s called I Love Your Long Shadow and is often placed on display to show the shadow which you can see on Kyle’s website.

I Love Your Long Shadow

Fischer has other large human sculptures like this as well. Here’s another one called When Will He Come Home.

But that’s not all that he does (as we’ve already seen with Sea Creatures and Blood Vessels. One of his pieces that I like is called NestI think what I like is that it appears to tell a story but it’s a secret story that you have to look closer to get familiar with. Se você click on over to Kyle’s website you can see other photos of this piece.


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