Os chapéus de crochê artístico de Genna km

Genna Miles and her daughter (wearing one of Genna’s crochet hats); Foto fonte

Genna Miles creates crochet hats that are truly works of art. She uses a range of different materials including items from her life as a vintage collector of pretty things.

More About Crochet Artist Genna Miles

Genna Miles used to be a resident of the Outer Banks (North Carolina) so a lot of the information I’ve gotten about her has come from The Outer Banks Voice. In January of this year she returned to The Outer Banks to show off her work in a show called “Genna km: The Rad Hatter, Recent Works in Millinery, Fiber and Fun”. I think the whimsy of that show title tells you a lot about the style of her work. Em 1997 Genna Miles won the People’s Choice award in the CGOA’s Chain Link Juried Exhibit for one of her crochet hats.

About Genna Miles’ Chapéus de crochê

The crochet hats that Genna Miles makes are designed to be functional if you want them to be. No entanto, they are also designed as unique, one of a kind art pieces that can stand alone as three-dimensional crochet art sculptures. Keeping in line with the art side of things, Miles doesn’t just use yarn to make her cool crochet hats; she also uses a range of other materials including elastic bands, laço, vintage multi-media items and even dog hair!

From Genna’s Website:

I like this description from Genna’s website:

Each hat tells a story about anything from food to music to her New Orleans roots. She also creates custom hats that can be made out of animal hair spun into yarn. One of her hats even made its debut at the Kentucky Derby last year.

Genna Miles Crochet Hat Examples

crochet hat 400x300 The Artistic Crochet Hats of Genna Miles

mixed media art hat1 400x300 The Artistic Crochet Hats of Genna Miles

crochet art hat The Artistic Crochet Hats of Genna Miles

genna miles crochet hat The Artistic Crochet Hats of Genna Miles

Outras artistas similares

The great artistic crochet hats of Genna Miles remind me of the equally awesome Xenobia Bailey chapéus:

il 570xN.81276847 500x673 The Artistic Crochet Hats of Genna Miles

Um projeto em que Bailey chama de "uma série de up-beat, Funk chique mão Crochet urbano coroa para todo o sobrenatural, Pessoas comuns do planeta"

And they remind me a little bit of the cool sound suit costumes by Nick Cave:

crochet art nick cave 400x300 The Artistic Crochet Hats of Genna Miles

Do you think Genna Milescrochet hats are wearable or just art?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 The Artistic Crochet Hats of Genna Miles

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