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Há um ano em Crochet: Elaine Bradford, Francine Toukou, Rachel Bilson, BobiCreations

O que estava acontecendo durante a última semana de março, em 2011? E o que aconteceu desde então, em relação a essa notícia velha? Vamos dar uma olhada com foco em crochê!

Crochet Arte

Bradford Elephant 300 thumb 300x400 One Year Ago in Crochet 3/25   3/31

O artista crochê eu estava perfilado Elaine Bradford. You don’t hear a lot about this crochet artist but I fell in love with her beautiful huge animal sculptures. This work is a permanent exhibition for her local Texas library which I think is wonderful. Infelizmente, there are no photos on her site newer than 2010 and none on her Flickr newer than summer 2011. I do know that she currently has some mixed media artwork up for sale in a silent auction and that she displayed some older work in a storefront display last spring:

elaine bradford sidereal crochet One Year Ago in Crochet 3/25   3/31

Em outras notícias de arte, I had written that Miami illustrator Danny Brito had been on the hunt for the perfect crochet rug for his vintage-inspired first solo exhibit. However I then found out that the show had actually happened one year before the news article I’d seen. I have no idea if he ever found his crochet rug.

Crochet Books

Revi Crochet Chic: Haute Couture por Francine Toukou. I made the chunky char-cowl from this book which I’ve worn many times. The book was published in 2009 and I don’t think there’s been any other by @francinetoukou but I recommend checking out her beautiful website. I especially enjoy her online lookbook. You can also buy her crochet patterns from the site.

Crochet Blog Semana

It was knitting and crochet blog week and I joined up with daily posts. I’ll be participating again this year but it’s not until the end of April this year. My posts were about:

  • Where I wanted to go with crochetI mentioned four things I wanted to learn: cabos de crochê, plarn crochet, crochet jewelry and crochet pattern writing. I’ve dabbled a little in each of those things but definitely still have more to work on!
  • A fio I love and a yarn I had a love/hate thing with
  • Minha organização fio. Desde então, mudou. Agora tenho o meu fio à mostra pela cor ao longo da minha casa, em baldes de lavagem velhas e latas de lixo de metal.
  • My first crochet project

Crochet Notícias

In news about crocheting for a cause, Shirley Mortensen was honored for her 50,000 horas de volunteerism.

Crochet proved relaxing for a stressed out spelling bee participant.

E paper doilies were making a comeback but I thought people should be using the more eco-friendly option of crochet doilies. Dito, I recently saw a tutorial for paper doily cupcake wrappers that I kind of adore.

Em notícias crochê estranho: “bad mom makes it impossible for grandma to crochet”.

Crochet Moda

0903 monsoon1 845863g One Year Ago in Crochet 3/25   3/31

Lily Donaldson looked super sexy in crochet for Monção. I’d already mentioned the earlier in the month that Monção had a lot of crochet in their line. Aqui estão alguns 2012 Monsoon crochet picks:

2012 monsoon crochet One Year Ago in Crochet 3/25   3/31

Monsoon is a UK store. So is Evans which featured some fun sapatos de crochê neste momento no ano passado:

evans crochet shoes One Year Ago in Crochet 3/25   3/31

Here stateside crochet made an appearance at the first ever Nashville Fashion Week. It was presented by Jamie and the Jones who appeared again at the 2012 Nashville Fashion Week. Crochet isn’t the bulk of what they do but they do create beautiful clothes.

E Rachel Bilson was spotted in crochet.

Crochet na Etsy

Entrevistei BobiCreations from Etsy. I later included a mention of this in my 25 interviews of people who crochet and this store was also featured in my roundup of 25 Etsy stores that sell crochet.

As características de crochê Etsy que escolhi esta semana no ano passado foram:

2011 Etsy Crochet 400x264 One Year Ago in Crochet 3/25   3/31

  1. Eco-Friendly Crochet Dish Scrubbies from SnippetFairy. Veja o SnippetFairy interview.
  2. Ampla florescido Headband by YarnTwisted
  3. Xale Triangular by annerstreet
  4. Turquoise Crochet Dress by goodtimesbarcelona
  5. Sexy Dress Cover Up by LeafLee
Aqui está uma coisa nova a partir dessas lojas agora:
2012 etsy crochet1 400x267 One Year Ago in Crochet 3/25   3/31
  1. Red Dish Scrubbie by SnippetFairy
  2. Twilight Inspired Crochet Cloche by YarnTwisted
  3. Chunky Crochet Fingerless Gloves by annerstreet
  4. Black Party Dress by goodtimesbarcelona
  5. Wire Crochet Choker by LeafLee

Crochet Cotações:

As citações de crochê que foram destaque no site durante esta mesma semana no ano passado foram:

"The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.”Mary Kurtz

“Hooks and yarn should come with warning labels: Crochê pode se tornar muito viciante!" – Fora da Lilena

"Crochê é uma arte acessível, que vem com uma licença para ser prolífico". – Francine Toukou

"Você pode fazer crochê com qualquer multa, flexível, continuous material that you can wrap around a crochet hook.” - Waejong Kim e Anna Pulvermahker

“Seek inspiration from the mathematics of nature: coral, pedras, spiders’ webs, a concha em espiral de um molusco, ou até mesmo a beleza natural de formações de fungos. Seemingly ordinary objects take on a new dimension when they are converted to crochet stitches.”Erika Cavaleiro

Crochet no Twitter

I recommended the following ten folks on Twitter; vamos ver o que eles estão fazendo agora:

  1. @Crochetville. Some updates from the crochet organization although I think it’s better to follow them on Facebook.
  2. @CrochetAllDay. Active updates from Irene Iannelli.
  3. @munromakes. Lots of fun shares from the web.
  4. @CrochetMarcy. No recent updates.
  5. @mk_carroll. Lots of great updates from this gal you probably know from Fresh Designs.
  6. @ Poetryinyarn. Updates from the winner of my 2011 Impressionante Crochet Award Blogger for most helpful crochet content.
  7. @katebealesf. Updates from the editor of Crochet Today.
  8. @crochetmania. Active with crochet shares.
  9. @crochetblog. Now inactive.
  10. @missjulep. Occasional (rare) updates.

Aqui está o que eu era até um ano atrás:

Eu compartilhei minha first crochet shrug:

crochet shrug1 One Year Ago in Crochet 3/25   3/31

I’ve shown this shrug again on the blog as the first thing worn para 365 Ways to Wear Crochet.

Você está gostando estes “há um ano” mensagens? Feedback bem-vindo!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 One Year Ago in Crochet 3/25   3/31
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