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I recently read a story about the transcendent power of crochet and I wanted to share it. I’ll paraphrase here and link to the original source at the bottom of this post.

The story is about an elderly woman who attended a lecture by Ram Dass, the spiritual leader known for reporting back on his travels to India, his vegetarianism and his charitable foundations. He is also known for his professional relationship with controversial psychologist Timothy Leary who advocated the use of psychedelic drugs like LSD.

Apparently, this elderly woman was listening to Ram Dass lecture on those amazing benefits of LSD. Basicamente, he described a crazy drug trip and she was just sitting there nodding her head and soaking up every minute. At the end of the lecture, Ram Dass spoke to the woman and he couldn’t help but ask (mais ou menos) “what the heck do you know about taking LSD?”

The woman laughed as he asked if she had taken LSD or maybe had a similar transcendent experience at one of those Indian ashrams he was known for attending. Não, that’s not why she understood the intense blissful experience of a trip. She responded, “Eu crochet”.

Ram Dass estava descrevendo uma maneira de se absolutamente perdido no momento, para sentir felicidade completa, para viver um com o universo … esta mulher idosa diz que ela tem a mesma experiência através de seu crochê. Como eu disse, it was just a story I had to share.

Então eu pergunto – is crochet spiritual for you?

Fonte original: Ram Dass and the Lady with the Fruit Hat.

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Just need to get out of the funk I'm in currently.


Thank you for posting the link, I went to it and pinned it too. So interesting and I get it, também. the same way i get the "fluir" thing you mentioned recently


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