12 em '12 Caridade Crochet: Planos de março

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Eu já lançou o 12 em '12 Caridade Crochet Projeto with a commitment to make crochet donations to one charity per month throughout this year. As pessoas são bem-vindos para se juntar a mim para apenas um mês ou durante todo o ano.

My February Group: Binky Patrol

I’ve chosen Binky Patrol as the organization that I will donate crochet to in March. The idea is to create small blankets, called binkies, to go to children age 18 and under who have gone through some type of trauma such as a terminal illness diagnosis or a placement in foster care. Here’s a short video from the organization’s founder about the organization:

Why I Chose This Group

I like having the opportunity to help children in need. Com certeza, helping adults is great and important and I’ve done that, também, but there’s something special about being able to give a little to a child going through a difficult time. Binky Patrol is a well-established organization with more than one dozen years of donations under its belt.

My Plans for the Month

It feels like March is already flying by so fast! I’ve learned from past charity crochet donations that it’s not good to overcommit myself. So I’m only going to commit to creating one binky blanket for donation this month. Contudo, if I’m getting idealistic, I’d like to send three of them, but I’ll be happy to just send one if that’s all I can do. So we’ll see how that goes.

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