Como Upcycle antigo arrastão em Armwarmers Sexy

upcycled crochet

Last week one of my crochet style photos showed me wearing a pair of sexy fishnet armwarmers embellished with crochet. I’ve made these several times but never really talked about the process here so I thought I’d show you how it works. Here’s my basic crochet tutorial for upcycling old fishnets with crochet to make new arm warmers:

Choose your fishnets

I wear tights all of the time so I often have ones that are worn out or torn or otherwise ready to be thrown away. Instead of throwing them out, I upcycle them.

crochet fishnet

Cut the toes off

upcycled fishnet crochet

Cut enough to create the length you want

crochet fishnet tutorial

Choose your yarn and a small crochet hook

In these photos I used Flutter novelty yarn and an E hook:

novelty yarn

The Crochet Part

novelty yarn crochet

Here’s what I did on the top (shoulder end) parte:

  • Attach the yarn and single crochet with even spacing around theleg”.
  • Join with a slip stitch.
  • Double crochet around. Join with ss.
  • Half double crochet around. Join with ss.
  • Repeat on second glove.
novelty yarn crochet fishnet armwarmer

Here’s what I did on the bottom (finger side) parte:

  • Attach the yarn and single crochet in with even spacing around theleg”.
  • Crossed double crochet around, decreasing 4 ou 5 vezes. SS to join.
  • HDC around, decreasing 3-4 vezes. SS to join.
  • Repeat on second glove.

Weave in ends and you’ve got your gloves.

Notes and Explanations


I didn’t write this up as an exact pattern because it’s obviously not exact. You need to decrease the bottom rounds to a size that first your wrist. I do the top part before the bottom so that I can put it on to get a sense of how much I will need to decrease on the bottom. You can also use slip stitches on this part if you only need to get a small bit tighter.

crochet armwarmers

You can use whatever stitches you want. I usually do something with hdc because it’s my favorite basic stitch but I’ve also done shells, SC e dc. Note that the way I’ve done it creates a bit of a slouchy design, rather than a tightly fitting glove. I like it that way because it’s comfy to me but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

crochet edge armwarmers

E é claro, you can use a variety of different yarn. I don’t feel like this works well with bulky yarn personally. I like to play around with thread, lightweight yarn and novelty yarn. Have fun with it!


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  1. @CrochetBlogger what an awesome idea :D

  2. I made an old pair of lacey tights into armwarmersfor an 80’s party a couple years ago. But didn’t think of adding crochet to the edges. Grande idéia! And another good use for novelty yarns. ;)

    • @laurindar3 How fun! I want to play around with adding a thumbhole to truly make them into fingerless gloves. Luckily I’ve got tons of old tights and fishnets to play with and plenty of that novelty yarn I’m not really using for anything else!

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