Projeto Designer Crochet: Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli is the next designer up on the list in the Projeto Designer Crochet série. Vamos ver o que ela tem guardado para nós. 50 Designers de moda que você deve saber Designer Crochet Project: Elsa Schiaparelli succinctly describes this designer by saying, “The creations of this Italian designer were Surrealism transformed into fabric, blurring the border between art and fashion.Sounds wonderful!! Let’s take a closer look.

About Fashion Designer Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli didn’t set out to be a fashion design star. She was an artist who created her own clothing because it was what she wanted to wear. She did try to start a small business but it flopped. No entanto, when she was thirty years old, an American buyer noticed her cute knitted sweaters and promptly ordered three or four dozen and a fashion career was born. According to Wikipedia, the knitwear she made at this time (cerca de 1927) was createdusing a special double layered stitch created by Armenian refugees and featuring sweaters with surrealist trompe l’oeil images”. By the age of 32 she had eight studios and 400 staff members working for her to create art-driven fashions. She worked in collaboration with Cocteau and Dali, was inspired by Picasso and always strived to stretch the edges of fashion design with new materials as well as new designs. After a couple of decades of great designs, she retired from the fashion business in 1954, leaving behind no design house but a great record of creative work.

Elsa Schiaparelli Crochet

crochet detail dress Designer Crochet Project: Elsa Schiaparelli

1936 Elsa Schiaparelli Dress

schiaparelli crochet collar Designer Crochet Project: Elsa Schiaparelli

Schiaparelli wearing a crochet collar

Wearing Elsa Schiaparelli with Crochet

Elsa Schiaparelli had very bold designs so if you were going to add crochet to her pieces then you’d probably want to use subtle crochet accessories to do it.

schiaparelli jacket Designer Crochet Project: Elsa Schiaparelli

I would love to take this Schiaparelli dress, cut it to make it a jacket and then layer a great modern crochet tank under it.

schiaparelli dress Designer Crochet Project: Elsa Schiaparelli

This Schiaparelli dress could work with either a great pair of crochet shoes or a terrific black crochet shawl. O que você acha?

Crochet Inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli

crochet bow sweater Designer Crochet Project: Elsa Schiaparelli

Vintage 1970’s crochet sweater inspired by Schiaparelli’s first knitted sweaters

Elsa Schiaparelli I’d Re-Make in Crochet

schiaperelli dress 400x615 Designer Crochet Project: Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli Skeleton Dress

schiaparelli sweaters Designer Crochet Project: Elsa Schiaparelli

The Knitted Sweaters that Made Schiaparelli Famous

designer jacket Designer Crochet Project: Elsa Schiaparelli

I could definitely see the front detail of this jacket being done in crochet motifs.

Which of these designer pieces is your favorite?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Designer Crochet Project: Elsa Schiaparelli

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