Design e escultura artista Anna Krystyna Casey

As soon as I saw the unique crochet art on Anna Krystyna Casey’s website I knew that I wanted to take a closer look. She uses a unique process of pressing crochet and other textiles between glass and other fragile structures to create these unique sculptural design items that are eye-catching. They make you pause and want to learn more. Or at least that’s how they make me feel.

More About Crochet Artist Anna Krystyna Casey

Anna Krystyna Casey is a textile, design and sculpture artist who I believe got a degree from the Textiles program of Loughborough University in MultiMedia work. She participated in several exhibitions in 2011. She also won the Craft Council Award in 2011 for innovation in knitted textiles. You can find her as @anna_k_casey on Twitter and Anna.Krystyna.Casey on Facebook.

Anna Krystyna Casey’s Crochet Art

This artist uses a really unique process that takes the details of crochet and alters them, amplifies them and reshapes them into surprising new designs. Although her pieces vary from item to item, the basic process is that she takes a piece of fabric (often crocheted by hand) and immerses it into a fragile object (like glass or plaster or even wax). This creates a final piece that serves to showcase the fabric in a fresh new way that causes you to look at it in a light other than how you’d see it if it were just the fabric on its own. I like the results of the process including the organic appearance of many of her items.

The artist describes this process better than I do, saying on the Loughborough multimedia graduates website:

Sculptural objects, between art, craft and design, are developed through a visual and conceptual design process to create work which challenges all preconceptions. Materiais, both unusual and common, are entrapped in a variety of media, translating imagery of the microscopic world around us.

Eu também gostei do Design Factory description of what she does:

Through process driven design, vidro, paper and wax form fragile structures, entrapping crocheted fabrics. Somewhere between design and sculpture, the work is versatile as well as beautiful, and suitable for a wide variety of environments and applications. The current collection is based on imagery of the microscopic world around us, and cellular structures found within crocheted stitches. Sculptures grown from cellular imagery accompany a range of glass tiles, which can be used around the home and in jewellery. Chemical reactions within the glass combined with the crocheted imagery and hand processes ensure every glass tiles and sculpture are entirely unique.

Favorite Anna Krystyna Casey Crochet Art Examples

I encourage you to check out Anna’s whole website to see her work but here are a few of my favorite examples of her crochet art:

Outras artistas similares de crochê

I haven’t seen any other crochet artists using this same technique. No entanto, there are some artists it reminds me of in an abstract way.

Por exemplo, it reminds me of Vidro de crochê de Catherine Carr:

And it reminds me of Jo Kamm’s hyperbolic crochet under glass:

Share your thoughts on this glass crochet artist in the comments below!

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