A New Crochet Doggie Sweater for Betty

por Kathryn na Fevereiro 29, 2012 · 11 Comentários

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Last autumn I made a light blue mohair crochet sweater for my best friend’s dog, Betty. I was petsitting for her again recently and decided she needed a second sweater in a darker blue.

crochet sweater A New Crochet Doggie Sweater for Betty

pet crochet A New Crochet Doggie Sweater for Betty

I love the bulky blue boucle on her but I kind of regret adding the yellow trim. O que você acha?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 A New Crochet Doggie Sweater for Betty

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I think the yellow trim give it pizzazz! It's also nice without the trim, what did Betty say about it?


LOL, shouldve waited for he page to download, thanks found it on Lionbrand and must say your version slightly altered as I read is just lovely. Colour makes all the difference to when it comes to making them.


Just love this doggy sweater. Cute dog to. Is this a free pattern, if so how do I find it.?


I think it looks cute - Betty seems to like it. :)


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