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cross blog crochet conversation Summary of a Cross Blog Crochet Conversation

Ao longo de toda a semana passada eu tive um tempo maravilhoso fazer uma conversa crochê cross-blog com Sara da mãe com um gancho. Espero que você fosse capaz de acompanhar como nós fomos e voltamos do meu blog para os dela criando uma conversa sobre artesanato e muitas outras coisas. Se não, aqui está um resumo do que falamos e, ao final deste post você vai encontrar links para todos os dez de nossos posts, a fim de obter a história completa do que dissemos.

Histórias Crochet

Sempre acho interessante para aprender sobre como crocheteiras começou no ofício e que os mantém indo nele. Sara contou que começou crochê quando ela estava grávida, porque ela queria fazer algo para o bebê. Eu compartilhei que comecei crochê há alguns anos atrás quando se trata de um ataque grave de depressão. Isso levou a uma conversa sobre nossas várias experiências com depressão (me) e bipolar (seu) and how crochet has been healing for both of us when dealing with emotional situations. I believe that it’s important to share these stories because it lets people know that they aren’t alone in their tough times, that there’s a way through to the other side and that crochet can be a huge part of that.

Caridade Crochet

Sara also shared in her crochet history that she was happy to be able to use her skills to give back to others through charity crafting. She lost a baby in 1998 and one way she got through that was to start crocheting booties for moms who had lost babies (as well as blankets for pregnant women). This led to a really great conversation about crocheting for others and how that can be beneficial not only to the receiver but also to the person who is doing the crochet work.

Crochet Fiction / Literature

One of the lighter crochet topics that was really fun to talk about was our shared interest in reading more crochet fiction, literature and non-pattern non-fiction. Sara likes mysteries and was a fan of the first novel by Betty Hechtman (who has a crochet mystery series) but didn’t find the others in the series too compelling. I wasn’t as drawn in to Hechtman’s books as I wish I had been. I did mention that there’s another crochet mystery by Bendy Carter called Morrendo de vontade de Crochet that may be worth looking into although I haven’t read it. We have both read and laughed along with Mary Beth Temple’s collection of crochet essays titled Hooked for Life: Aventuras de um Zealot Crochet and agree that there should be more humorous crochet writing like this. And I want to check out the new young adult novel called Sim, which I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past.

Nosso 2012 Projetos

One of the main things that Sara and I talked about during this conversation was the different projects that we each have going on this year.

Sara has some really cool things going on including:

And I got the opportunity to share more about my 2012 projects which include:

Read It All; Links to the 10 Posts:

Did you enjoy this cross-blog conversation? Is it something you’d like to see me do with other crocheters?

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