OMG I Want to go on This Marrakech Crochet Vacation!

marrakesh crochet OMG I Want to go on This Marrakech Crochet Vacation!

Every once in awhile I mention crochet-related things that I’d love to travel to see (como Hotel Pelirocco in the UK or Grandma’s Bar in Sydney). But this time what I’m yearning to enjoy is a terrific crochet vacation in Marrakech. It sounds amazing.

Spring and Fall Morocco Crochet Retreats

This is a six day crochet retreat that is happening in Marrakech this year. It is available once in the spring (Abril) and once in the fall (Outubro). Aliás, my 32nd birthday is in April so if someone out there is just dying to sponsor a crochet-loving girl’s crochet-filled birthday trip I’m open to the idea! icon smile OMG I Want to go on This Marrakech Crochet Vacation! Hey magazines, I’ll cover the experience for you in a photo-filled article!

Amazing Crochet Experiences

You’re not just going to Marrakech to crochet in a hotel room (although I’ll get to the lovely accommodations in a minute). The six-day experience includes:

  • Going to the souk to purchase yarn from the market sellers
  • Taking your yarn to a dye-house from the middle ages to be dyed for you
  • Open air crocheting with Moroccan women (I’d love to talk to them about their craft!!)
  • Crocheting at Cafe Spice, what appears to be a trendy cafe
  • Crocheting in other amazing places like Jardin Majorelle and Maison de Photographie
  • Guerilla crocheting at the Djma el Fna Square”. Como é divertido!
  • Some type of yarns and hooks are provided in the cost of the trip.

In addition to all of this amazing crochet experience, you also get to enjoy historical tours and other basic tourist things in the city.

The Lodging

crochet travel OMG I Want to go on This Marrakech Crochet Vacation!

The accommodations for this look adorable. The place is called Chambres d'Amis. It’s a modern boutique hotel located in the historic heart of the city. There are five double rooms with their own bathrooms, a salon with a fireplace for joining the others in a common area and apetitepool. The trip includes breakfast at the hotel.

The Price Tag

Honestly the cost of all this isn’t bad at all. It’s six days for less than $700. Infelizmente, that doesn’t include the cost of the ticket to get to Marrakech which (because yes, I looked) is about $1800 from here in April.

Props to Wood & Fezes de lã

I just wanted to give some credit here to Madeira & Fezes de lã, the blog where I found out about this awesome crochet vacation. The Netherlands gal behind this blog has a cool business making crochet-covered wooden stools that I adore along with some other crochet items like blankets and pillows. Here’s an example:

crochet stool1 500x334 OMG I Want to go on This Marrakech Crochet Vacation!

Have you ever been on a crochet vacation?

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