Artista Catherine Carr realmente crochê vidro!

Catherine Carr does something really cool and unique and rare: she crochets with glass. I’m not sure how this works but I’m loving her products and hoping to learn more!

More About Crochet Artist Catherine Carr

Catherine Carr (@CatCarrGlass) is a glass artist who lives and works in an English market town called Glossop. I’d never heard of this place before but it sounds lovely. The town has a history of manufacture and textile production that thrives today in the form of a great arts and crafts community. Carr hasn’t always done glasswork, although she always wanted to. She held a career in nursing for a long time but they she went to school to study art. She got a degree in three dimensional design in 2010. She then founded Glossop Moot, a textile art based artists co-op. It is her intention to honor and celebrate the history of women’s textile creation in northern England, a history which includes the work that her grandmother did. (A propósito, grandma was the one that taught her how to knit and crochet). Carr’s work is on display right now in galleries in Nottingham and Paris and will be part of a touring show called Highlight ‘Progressive Craftthat starts next month. She is also a glassworks teacher with workshops in fusing glass and stained glass.

How Do You Crochet With Glass?!

I am simply amazed by the fact that Carr crochets (and also knits) with glass. It’s stunning to me. Her website explains that she crochets the glass until the piece is the way that she wants it then the item goes through a process of heating and firing that can take several attempts to get a finished glass vessel. I don’t know any more yet about how the actual crochet process works (which I’m dying to find out about!) but I’ve emailed Catherine and am hoping to find out more. Of course I’ll update you if I do!

I love the description of Carr’s work on her website where it says:

she produces beautiful and delicate lace structures in which each individual stitch can be seen and where the openwork design casts striking dappled shadows.

Examples of Carr’s Amazing Work

Carr is a Green Artist

I think it’s worth noting that Catherine Carr is not only a cool artist but she’s only an eco-friendly one. She uses recycled glass to make these stunning works of art.

Outras artistas similares de crochê

I’ve done some online research and I can’t find anyone who is using a technique anything like this. Something that is kind of similar in terms of appearance is the use of doilies and other crochet to texture ceramic pieces. Some artists that do this are:

Judy Chase Ceramics

Nespoon Street Artist

I have to end this post with a terrific thanks to Useless Beauty who posted about this artist last week which is how I came across her in the first place. Tão incrível!

And I’d love to hear your thoughts on this crochet artist!

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  1. WOW!!!!! Please PLease PLEASE get more info on heramazing art.thanks for pics words alone could not do justice!!!!!!

    • I am working on getting that info. I’m not sure if she shares her crochet secrets considering that I can’t find any info on her anywhere but I’m hoping to hear back!

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  5. Amazing story! I would definitely love to find out more about Catherine’s technique and how she does it. It’s so inspiring to hear about people who are redefining their craft by inventing new techniques.

  6. Amazing story! I would definitely like to know more about Catherine’s technique and how she does it. It’s so inspiring to hear about people who are redefining their craft, especially by using traditional materials in unconventional ways.

  7. Totally amazing work. Love to see crochet exploring other forms of art and expressing itself in new ways.

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