Entrar para ganhar Crochet lindo xale padrão

Tem acompanhado ao longo com o 31 Dias de Crochet brindes! No dia 2 Eu dei um padrão ótimo de crochet free de Anastacia malhas e agora tenho outro maravilhoso padrão do designer para ganhar. Digite abaixo para ganhar.

Sobre o prêmio

O vencedor irá receber um PDF livre do crochet padrão para o Stepping Stones xaile por AnastaciaKnits. Este xale é feito usando uma de cima para baixo desenho. Ele inclui duas seções mais uma afiação de crochê, fornecendo variedade para o crafter manter o projeto interessante ao longo. É facilmente adaptável a diferentes fios, ganchos e medições acabadas.

Anastacia malhas é um designer de crochê grande. Leia minha entrevista com ela aqui.

Como participar


This giveaway is only open until midnight EST tonight. The winner will be announced tomorrow on Twitter and Google Plus as well as in a roundup post of winners on Sunday.


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  1. Hi there Kathryn – I have developed a love for crocheted shawls and this is a delightful pattern! I’d love to go into the draw to win it. You are doing a BRILLIANT job with your December posts!

  2. I’d make it for MMMMEEEEEEEE LOL That way if other people like it then I will be familiar with the pattern and make less mistakes.

  3. A shawl would be a lovely gift for my grandmother’s best friend who recently began living in the nursing home. This is a beautiful pattern!

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  5. What a great give away!

  6. Stephanie Brodersen

    I would make the shawl pattern for my mother.

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  8. What a beautiful shawl! I would make this for a dear friend at church.

  9. I would make this shawl for my beautiful daughter.

  10. I would make this shawl for my youngest daughter. She would love it made in green and purple. Yes, green and purple together:)

  11. Mostlynerdycrochet


  12. I would make this to give away to a senior citizen. Thanks for this opportunity!

  13. Susand1408 Crochet Addict

    I would make this shawl for my gran. She is 89 and has altzimers. Beautifully made things are something she can still appreciate.

  14. Love the shawl and the color used to make the one in the picture. If I win the pattern I’m going to make it for my mom.

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