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Last week I showed you my almost complete and in-the-works laptop cozies that are part of the set of 25 padrões de saco de crochet I’m following for my Year of Projects. I haven’t started anything new but I’ve got a little update on those.

Here’s what the blue laptop cozy looked like when I posted last week:

Here’s what this crochet laptop cozy looks like now:

Como você pode ver, I added the buttons to the project, although they look a little bit sloppy. One of the things I’m realizing as I make these crochet bags is that I’m great at crochet but terrible at sewing. I guess I knew that but I’m starting to realize that I need to get better at it. I make a huge mess of my projects when I try to add any sewing, even buttons. So I may take these out and re-do them. Que disse, I like my button choice. I was going to go with metal buttons but then I found these tiger’s eye beads in my stash and thought they’d look really cute with the bag.

But here’s what I think I might do with this laptop cozy:

When I was putting the bag away, I folded it in half and immediately I thoughthm, that looks good”. I like the fact that it’s currently big enough for a laptop or other large item. No entanto, I kind of like the way it looks as a smaller bag. I didn’t really like the pattern that was textured on one side and sc on the other and folding it half eliminates that by putting the sc on the inside. I could stitch up the sides (com crochê, not sewing!!) and leave the top open. This would create a nice plush bag with a outer flap that closes using the tiger buttons. I’m still pondering on whether or not to go this route. Pensamentos?

What about the hexagon laptop cozy?

I am still slowly working on the hexagons for the other laptop cozy I showed off last week. If I follow the pattern I’ll need a total of 17 crochet hexagons. I’ve made six in white. They are single crochet using an E hook and to be honest I’m getting kind of bored making them. I can actually see why it might make sense to do a lot of color changes when making these, as it takes away from the repetition and helps in counting the rows. Ainda, I kind of want to see the end product the way that I’ve envisioned it.

I was planning to go with an equal mix of black and white hexagons seamed together using bright red for some drama. No entanto, I’m having some issues with the black yarn I was going to use. It’s yarn I got awhile ago at the dollar store. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of my dollar store yarn. That’s not the case this time, Embora. It’s super super itchyitchier than 100% wool even though it’s acrylic. It feels a little bit like working with fiberglass. And it leaves weird itchy flakes all over my work space. I made one black hexagon over the course of about three days and decided that’s not going to work. That yarn needs to go. So I’m kind of delayed on that bag for the time being.

Você viu meu ajuntamento em todos os ano de objetivos de projetos?


San Francisco com base e crochê obcecada pelo escritor, sonhador e espírito criativo!

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  1. Tonya (nonlinearsolutions.ca)

    Ugh. Sorry to hear that the black yarn was so nasty. I can see why you decided not to use it. I like your description of the finished object. Sounds fun.

    • Thanks @TonyaIt’s the first time I’ver ever come across a yarn that I consider to be completely unusable even for a scrap or art project. It’s just no fun to work with! I’ve got other black yarn on hand, Embora, so I just need to revamp the plan.

  2. I like it folded in half. I always prefer to sc edges together instead of sewing. When I sew pieces together I always think that they look funky. They never meet up exactly straight like if you just sc’d them together.

    The black yarn doesn’t sound too good. I would dump it too.

  3. I crochet edges rather than sewing too. The black yarn sounds truly nasty!

  4. It seems that many crocheters are not on friendly terms with sewing. That’s why I try to avoid including it in my patterns or class handouts whenever possible :).

    • @Marie … Sewing is something I’ve tried to learn a few times and I’m just terrible at it. I want to get over the hump though to at least be able to add lining and sew on buttons in a neat way!

  5. I’m with you on the sewing, I always come unstuck. Have you tried sewing a face on something? It’s almost impossible I reckon, in the patterns the things look great and then I try and do the same thing and it ends up with a cross looking rabbit or something.

    The laptop bag is great!

  6. A great undercover like top for your laptop.

  7. Have you tried washing and tumble drying the black yarn to see if it’s usable that way? That can soften up acryllic and make it much nicer to work with!

    And I think the laptop cosy would look great as a little bag!

  8. I love the bag to folded in half, and it must feel so lovely and squishy 🙂 can’t wait to see the hexagon one and your right to change the yarn if you don’t like it, sounds yucky.

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