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crochet book3 Yes! New Novel Based on Teen Boys Crocheting

Há vários anos, autor Deborah Burnside estava em um desfile de moda e, enquanto ela estava lá, viu um adolescente crochê. A imagem do preso com ela e agora é caracterizado como uma parte fundamental de seu novo romance, Sim Yes! New Novel Based on Teen Boys Crocheting. In this novel, two high school boys start a crochet business.

Boys do Crochet

This statement seems obvious to me but it’s worth mentioning because it still seems to surprise a lot of people. Quite a few boys now crochet. This is due in part to the fact that many schools have started clubes de crochê. (Sometimes the boys call it bro-chet.) It may also be thanks to the influence of male-launched crochet businesses like Krochet Kids.

The Premise of Yes

I haven’t had a chance to read this book yet but I’ve read about it online and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy even though it’s a young adult novel (not my usual preferred genre). The book is about two teenage boys who have disabilities that prevent them from earning their own money (which we all know is a key way that teenagers gain independence!) One of the boys has a mental issue and his grandfather taught him to crochet as a way to calm him down. They end up launching a crochet business together.

5 Reasons Yes Sounds Awesome

There are lots of reasons why I want to read this book. Here are five of them:

  • There aren’t too many crochet-based novels. Betty Hechtman’s crochet mysteries are fairly popular with people who crochet but most other needlework novels I’ve seen are based on knitting.
  • Every chapter title in the book is related to crochet. Como diversão!
  • It must talk about the healing benefits of crochet. Como muitos de vocês sabem, I’m writing a non-fiction book on this topic and I’m interested to see how the author explores the anxiety-reducing effects of crochet.
  • Teen businesses and crochet businesses are so “agora”. There are a lot of reasons that I’m glad that the Internet wasn’t so widespread when I was a teen (like that I think I would’ve been one of those kids who went wrong on Facebook). Contudo, I do wish that I’d had the online business opportunities that kids have today and I’m always inspired when I see teen businesses of any kind that are doing well so that whole premise of the book seems cool to me. And crochet businesses are thriving in today’s crafty, DIY, Etsy-loving world so that’s cool, também.
  • It’s about kids overcoming the odds. Always a good topic.
Will you be adding Yes to your Christmas wish list?
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Have you read this one yet? Parece ótimo! I have been complaining recently about the entire lack of crochet fiction. I actually prefer a lot of the knit-based series to the Betty Hechtman series, because the main character is just learning to crochet so they lack the detailed descriptions of fibers and stitches that make you believe a real stitcher wrote the books.

CrochetBlogger mediador

@laurindar3 Não., I haven't read this one yet although it's on my list. I definitely think there's a niche market open to crochet fiction writers that hasn't really been covered yet. I'd like to see someone writing some non-mystery fiction related to crochet. Any takers?!


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