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Knots of Love logo Knots of Love by the Numbers

Nós de Amor conseguiu reunir alguns marcos surpreendentes recentemente. Vamos dar uma olhada no que esta organização tem tudo a ver, quais são os seus grandes números são e como você pode ajudar a fazer crochê.

Nós de Amor

Nós de Amor é uma instituição de caridade que doa malha feito à mão e tampas de quimio crochê para as pessoas que estão passando por tratamento de câncer.

Do seu site:

Our goal is to warm the hearts and heads of those experiencing traumatic hair loss while battling cancer and other life threatening illnesses. We do this by continuously sending care packages of free hand made caps to treatment centers and hospitals around the country.

Latest Numbers

A recent press release revealed two huge milestones that Knots of Love was proud to meet this year:

  1. 100,000 caps donated! This organization launched in 2007 and met the impressive milestone this year of donating more than 100,000 handmade caps to chemo patients.
  2. 5000 caps for vets. A smaller goal that was met was the goal of donating 5000 caps to VA hospitals this year. They added 67 VA hospitals to their donation roster.
Here are some other big numbers from Knots of Love:
  • Existem mais do que 1000 Knots of Love volunteers.
  • Knots of Love volunteers are knitting / crocheting more than 3000 caps per month.
  • Donations go to all 50 states plus some other locations around the world.
  • Donations go to more than 350 treatment centers, hospitals and oncology offices.

Crochet to Help

Want to help? Confira the guidelines for donating a cape which explains the right type of yarn and patterns to use for making a cap for a chemo patient. (Por exemplo, organic cotton yarn is good and see-through patterns are not.) In addition to the general feel good experience of making a crochet donation, you’ll receive a personal phone call thanking you for your crochet efforts and letting you know specifically where your crochet creation was sent. If you can’t take the time to crochet a cap right now (although really, how long would a cap take?!) then there are many other ways you can donate including cash and yarn donations.

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