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Hooked Juntos é o meu grande projeto do crochet do blog. Eu atravesso blogroll de um blog e confira todos os blogs que lêem. Então eu relatar aqui, partilhando as suas ligações a fazer crochê, artesanato e outros blogs. Afinal, Eu vou colocar tudo isso junto em uma grande exibição para que todos nós podemos ver como a comunidade de crochê está conectado dentro de si e para a comunidade de artesanato maior. É uma grande empresa, mas é oh tão divertido. Eu espero que você encontrar alguns grandes novos blogs para ler aqui hoje como eu atravesso o blogroll de Arte, Como Pão.

Descobri Arte, Como Pão quando ela escolheu para participar no meu primeiro projeto grande comunidade de crochê aqui no blog – Hookin’ Para cima. Caissa de Arte, Like Bread interviewed Saski’s Crochet Adventures for that and was interviewed by Crochet with Tamara. We learned then about her bumpy start with learning crochet in 2008 and how she’s come along in her crochet adventure thus far. On Art, Like Bread she primarily blogs about crochet but also does giveaways and reviews and shares her inspiration from various sources. She is @artlikebread on Twitter as well as Pinterest.

Arte, Like Bread has three different sections of links in the sidebar: inspiração, delightful diversions and peeps. The links are a combination of sites and blogs and I went ahead and listed both types of links here. Crochet Concupiscence is listed there in the delightful diversions – obrigado!

Tier One Blogs

Esses blogs estão no blogroll, mas eles também já está na grande lista de blogs que eu já li. Impressionante.

  • Lindamade. Blog of crochet designer Linda Permann.
  • Say It Rashay. Life, project and inspiration blog by crocheter Rachee.
  • Fios Dharma. Keri does great posts showing us her crochet progress.

Hooked Juntos Blogs

Esses blogs estão no blogroll, mas eles já foram ligados, porque eles estavam no blogroll em um post anterior Juntos Hooked. Também incrível.

  • CraftyPod. Hooked Together by Anastacia Knits.

Multi-Craftual Blogs Incluindo Crochet

  • Craft Yarn Council. This site is home to all things yarn and is responsible for hosting the first annual I Love Yarn Day, que é hoje.
  • Crafted by Us. Crafty blog and podcast featuring some crochet projects.
  • ThreadBanger on YouTube. How To crafty videos from the DIY fashion community. Arte, Like Bread also has a link pointing to a specific ThreadBanger post on recycled plastic bag dresses.
  • Teje Gise Teje. Spanish crochet, knitting and weaving blog.
  • Tipnut. Dicas, tutorials and links to lots of resources in every area of home life including crochet.

Não Crochet Blogs

  • Ashes and Snow. This is a website for an ongoing art project reflecting the interaction between human and animals. Very inspiring.
  • Color Chart. This is a MoMA art project based on the standard color chart.
  • Crafty Chica. Website for artist and writer Kathy Cano-Murillo who works to celebrate American crafts that are inspired by her Mexican American heritage. The site links to seven different blogs, my favorite of which is the photo-focused blog craft blog Diário de um Crafty Chica. Tanto quanto eu posso dizer, embora, crochet isn’t among the crafts featured here.
  • DJ Spooky. Artist and musician’s website.
  • Indie Feed: Performance Poetry. This is a podcast site filled with slam poetry and spoken word pieces. I’m actually familiar with this site although I don’t check it out too often. It’s a good site for spoken word for sure.
  • Mark Montano. Website for this TLC TV host and author of The Big Ass Book of Crafts books.
  • Mirkwood Designs Templates. These are templates for various paper projects. Printable and useable.
  • Memoirs of a Modern Surrealist. Blog of award-winning craft designer @modsurrealist.
  • Print and Pattern. Surface pattern design blog.
  • Rebecca Pick. Online yarn store in Spanish.
  • Surrealist Muse. Getty Museum website about an art exhibition thatfocuses on Lee Miller’s role as a source of inspiration for other artists and as a creative artist working in photography”.
  • 32 Spokes. Spanish mountain biking blog.
  • A.I.R. Gallery. New York art gallery supporting women in the arts.
  • Bai Ling. Website for the Chinese actress who has been on TV in Lost and Entourage.
  • Band Name Generator. Just a fun silly site for coming up with your own fun band names. You can choose words to be included so for kicks I entered crochet and the first three band name suggestions I got were Spectral Crochet, Crochet Bliss and Crochet General. icon smile Art, Like Bread Gets Hooked Together!
  • Chicago Public Art Group. Celebrating works of public art!
  • Comer, Tricotar, Grow. Life and project blog of a knitter.
  • Embroidery as Art. Adore this blog that is photo-focused on artistic embroidery.
  • Kind Over Matter. This is a really cool blog that celebrates the handmade community with an emphasis onkind acts, inspirational stories, art and projects”.
  • Kindness and Kisses. A therapist’s blog about incorporating kindness into all aspects of life.
  • Knitterbugs and Dust Bunnies. This used to be a knitting vlog and has now moved aqui to be a general vlog by a knitter, artist and photographer.
  • Manos Creativas. Para ser honesto, I couldn’t tell what this Spanish blog is about, not because it’s in Spanish but because at least when I checked it out there was a display problem and the main column was layered over the sidebar so I couldn’t read any of it.
  • Spam One Liners. A humorous Flickr photo set.
  • DadaDoll. Arte, career and personal blog.
  • Wordle. Word tag cloud generator. I’ve played with lots of tag cloud generators including this one. Always fun. icon smile Art, Like Bread Gets Hooked Together!
  • Venus Zine. Women in music, arte, film and the DIY community. Edgy and interesting.
  • Wine Library TV. Wine tasting video blog. Como diversão!
  • Alicia’s Friends and Family Page. A personal and family blog.
  • Angloyankophile. Personal blog of an American in London.
  • Fish McGill. Artist and designer’s cool visual site.
  • Crackinthe Chrysalis. Two-gal blog about all kinds of different topics that reflect the life of a modern woman.
  • Morningside Mom. Blogger and freelance writer’s musings about lots of different things in life.
  • Rebel Sound Records. Music blog.
  • Sean Cifer. Artista / writer’s website. Unique website approach here.
  • Sienna Gallery. Massachusetts art gallery.
  • Storefront Artist Project. Website for an art project that brings art to public spaces through storefront displays.
  • The Moods. Band website.
  • Vaal London Kane. Artist’s exhibition website.

Out of Date Blogs

Nota: Some of these may not be discontinued blogs. Some people only post periodically. Contudo, for the purposes of this project, I consider a blog out of date if the last post was more than a few months back.

  • Creative Yarn. Crochet and knit crafty blog, last post January.
  • Digibudi’s Digital Garden. Sewing and crafty blog, last post March.
  • Bellesanbeaus Crafts. Crafty blog, last post July.
  • The Catty Crocheter. Last post May 2010.
  • Knots Me. Gancho, macrame blog that unfortunately got closed down due to lack of time on the blogger’s part. Last post announcing the close in March.
  • Miss Fruitfly. Observation blog. Last post February. Arte, Like Bread specifically points her link to a post on Obama graffiti from 2008.
  • Abracabento! Last post 2010.
  • Blog no longer exists.
  • Kushnonsense. Personal blog of someone who had never blogged or journaled before. Interesting to see the juorney. Last post was just this past August but it announced that she was not finding the blog to be working for her and was discontinuing it for now.
  • Dream Birding. Bird blog. Last post July.
  • MinuteManPen. Link wasn’t working when I tried it.
  • Stuffiloffagus’s Blog. Last post May.
  • Wandergrrl Blog. Last post May.
  • Paper Lily. This blog actually probably isn’t out of date but it’s not a public blog; it’s by invite only.
  • Unique Paper Gifts. Last post 2010.

O que eu acho? I was surprised by a few things about this blogroll. One was that there wasn’t a lot of crochet, which surprised me since Art, Like Bread is mostly a crochet blog. I was also surprised that many links were to sites, não blogs. You never know whether people’s site links reflect what they actually read, embora, since a lot of people (myself included) use something like Google Reader to track all of the blogs that they follow. I found some fun new inspiring sites and spent way too much time on some of those diversions like Band Name Generator.

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