Crochet artista Jo Hamilton mostra seu Espaço Criativo

por Kathryn em Agosto 4, 2011 · 2 comentários

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Back in March I did a profile of Jo Hamilton, a crochet artist who does amazing work creating portraits out of crochet:

owen hoke website 595 238x300 Crochet Artist Jo Hamilton Shows Off Her Creative Space

I was thrilled when I saw a link on My Love For You as a Stampede of Horses telling me about a cool photo project called in which creative Portland people are photographed in their work spaces. My eye was immediately drawn to a workspace filled with yarn and that’s when I found out the space belongs to Jo Hamilton. I clicked over to the archives for the profile there on Hamilton’s creative space.

5858220076 f292f68efe Crochet Artist Jo Hamilton Shows Off Her Creative Space

The photo is by Carlie Amstrong. Do click over to see all of the photos in the sitelots of yarn yumminess plus one of the crochet portraits in action. Surpreendente!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Artist Jo Hamilton Shows Off Her Creative Space
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