Attn: Crochet Bloggers! Junte-se “Hookin’ Para cima”!!

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 Attn: Crochet Bloggers! Join in Hookin Up!!

Atualizar: There is now an official post that lists and links to all of the participants in this project. Confira aqui.


Awhile back I participated in a cool project called Blog It Forward that helped me spread the word about one of my blogs and also gave me the opportunity to get to know many more wonderful blogs that I wasn’t previously aware of. It was a wonderful experience and I would really love to host something similar specifically to spread the word about the many great crochet blogs that are out there. That’s why I’m launching “Hookin’ Para cima”, a July crochet blog project.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Participating crochet bloggers will sign up to do a post on their own blogs on one day in the month of July.
  • The post will be a review of the next participating crochet blog on the list, a sort of “pagá-lo para a frente” method of giving props to other crochet bloggers.
  • Por exemplo, let’s say that July 1st is assigned to me, July 2nd is assigned to blogger A and July 3rd is assigned to blogger B. On July Ist I will post my review of Blogger A’s blog. On July 2nd, Blogger A will do a post pointing people back to my post and then reviewing blogger B’s crochet blog. And so on throughout the month.

Options for creative posting:

  • In order to make things unique you will not be limited to just doing a review of the blog that you are assigned to. You are welcome to contact the blogger to see if they are interested in being interviewed, doing a giveaway on your blog, etc. No blogger is required to agree to thisa simple review is totally finebut it’s an option for those who want to do something more in-depth.


  • Spreading the love for crochet bloggers! It’s a chance for great crochet blogs to shine!
  • Introducing crochet bloggers to others within the crochet blogging community.
  • Giving us all a chance to get to know more crochet blogs than we already do. Boa leitura!

If you want to participate:

  • Your blog must be primarily about crochet.
  • You must make a commitment to do your single post in July on your assigned date. Flaking out disrupts the whole “Blog it forward” processo. If there is an emergency, you can contact me and accommodations can be made but please be genuinely committed to doing this if you’re going to sign up!!
  • Send me an email to kathryn.vercillo (em) Subject line: Hookin’ Para cima. Let me know your blog URL and that you’re interested in participating. Give me a few days to gather all of the responses and then I’ll email everyone further information about how to sign up for a day in July that will be best for you to post.

I really hope that you’ll want to participate!!!

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