Artista de Crochet de mídia mista: Mandy Greer

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Mandy Greer is a mixed media artist who has gained attention in the world of crochet art because of her large scale crochet sculptures. Themes that recur throughout her work include eroticism, romantic love, motherhood and fetishism. Although her work can’t easily be summed up, it has been described (seemingly accurately) as work that explores the sensuality of life. Crochet is the perfect medium, na minha opinião, for the exploration of sensuality!

More about Crochet Artist Mandy Greer

Mandy Greer is a mixed media artist who does installation and multidisciplinary art. She has an MFA, has had her work featured in galleries and museums around the nation and she has earned grants and fellowships over the years. Her work is very detailed, vibrant and powerful. What I love about it is that she’s not afraid to tackle big projects in crochet. Por exemplo, she did a collaboration with the Book-It Repertory Theater in Seattle in 2007, making crocheted wine that broke open on stage and crocheting decapitated head pieces for the play.

Description of the Crochet Work by Mandy Greer

Bellevue Arts aptly described the sensuality of Greer’s work with the following statement:

Greer’s exploration of the sensuality of life is reflected in the sensuousness of her medium. The materials mirror the body in its dual reality of emotional and corporal: soft vs. difícil, vulnerable vs. strong, huge vs. delicate. Her formal realm is a soft one, made of crocheted and stitched fairy tales and archetypal myths, addressing the commonality of feeling and thinking of the human condition. Meaning is embodied in the narratives and yet embedded in the very material.

Examples of Mandy Greer’s Crochet Work

  • Dare Alla Luce. Isto 2008 instalação (na foto acima) is what the Bellevue Arts was writing about in the quote about. The name basically translates togiving birth”, an idea frequently explored in artwork. It uses a myriad of different materials including feathers and shells, all of which seem to have a history of being related to traditionally feminine domestic realms. Crochet and other yarn work are included in the project. You can see a video of the installation going up at The Museum of Contemporary Craft aqui.
  • Zuster Sweostor Systir. This show from last year was a collaborative project that the artist did with others. Her contribution included an amazing crochet headdress. I find the images fascinating. See the whole Flickr set aqui:

blend dsc 0252 e1268979968696 199x300 Mixed Media Crochet Artist: Mandy Greer

  • Small But Mighty Wandering Pearl. Art Out There gave a great description of this powerful work of crochet art, dizendo: “it was mesmerizing; all this beautiful red crochet and knitting work representing a vast field of viscera, and that connected to this cryptic chandelier of the same material.

Small but Mighty Wandering Heart 300x210 Mixed Media Crochet Artist: Mandy Greer

Posts About Mandy Greer Around the Web

Question for Readers

Are you interested in crochet art that is part of a larger body of mixed media work or do you prefer work that is entirely and only crochet?

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