Crochet Fashion Tip: Jóias de ouro vai com Crochet

gold crochet hoop earrings Crochet Fashion Tip: Gold Jewelry Goes with Crochet

EyeWeekly recently had an article about how gold has made a big comeback in the fashion and accessories world. The article goes on to explain that either gold is trendy or silver as trendy but they’re never trendy together. Whereas the emphasis was on silver for awhile, a shift in fashion trends has made gold the metal to covet. According to EyeWeekly, the trend towards crochet on the runway is part of the reason why gold jewelry is making a comeback.

The article explains that the style right now is a combination of 1970’s hippie fashions and 1990’s bohemian fashions. That’s where crochet comes into play, with so many different designers creating crochet fashions that are inspired from the cross play of these two different eras. And according to the woman who wrote the fashion article, gold goes better than silver with most of these items.

There are other reasons why gold has made a comeback right now. A main reason is because the economy has shifted and things are starting to look a little bit better so people are interested in gold items again. Combined with the laidback look of crochet fashion, the gold comes off as a nice addition to your wardrobe rather than a way to show off your money.

O que você acha? Does gold go better with crochet clothing than silver does? I think it really depends on the crochet item that it’s being worn with (the color, the texture, the style). And personally, I think that crochet jewelry often goes best with crochet clothing. One option would be to wear crochet jewelry that has been worked with gold thread to get that fashionable feeling in a more creative way.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Fashion Tip: Gold Jewelry Goes with Crochet

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