crocheted gifts for baby book

Crocheted Gifts For Baby (resenha do livro)

Crocheted Gifts for Baby is unique in that offers ideas for babies that are specific to gift giving and generally limited to items for ages 0-2. Existem 30 different patterns in this book, which is more than you’ll find in many crochet patterns book, so you’ll be able to keep busy trying new things for awhile.

modern tapestry crochet by Alessandra Hayden

Modern Tapestry Crochet (resenha do livro)

I have long loved Just Be Happy Crochet, the blog from crochet designer Alessandra Hayden, so of course I was thrilled to learn that she had authored a book. Modern Tapestry Crochet teaches you step-by-step how to work the graphic patterns of tapestry crochet while giving you 20 different patterns to practice the technique.