80 Best Crochet Patterns for the Home: Nominations for 3rd Quarter The Crochet Awards

crochet awards best blanket

As I mentioned previously, I’m happy to be one of the judges for this 3rd quarter of The Crochet Awards, formerly known as The Flamies. The judges’ nominations are all in now for the categories, which are all about crochet for the home. Take a look at what we chose, then it’s your turn to submit fan nominations and come September everyone can vote.

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Celebrate Texture with these 13 Bobble Stitch Crochet Patterns

bobble stitch crochet potholder pattern

The crochet bobble stitch is a great stitch that brings a lot of texture to your work. It is similar to the crochet popcorn and cluster stitches but seems to be the more common of the three in recently released crochet patterns. If you’re seeking to add interesting elements to your work, check out these thirteen crochet bobble stitch patterns.

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Fabulous 2015 Crochet Fashion from CeliaB

crochet granny square style

I introduced you to the world of CeliaB in late 2014, sharing her amazing colorful crochet fashion collections. I thought I’d give you an update of the fabulousness the brand has been creating this year. Early in the year we saw the Siamese Dreaming collection and now there’s an autumn/ winter collection called Midnight in the Oasis. Both are beautiful.

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Granny Square Day 2015! And More Awesomeness on Instagram.


Yesterday was Granny Square Day on Instagram, a holiday started last year by Susan of suregal27. It was really fun to follow along with that yesterday and you can see the photos on Instagram by checking the hashtags #grannysquareday and #grannysquareday2015. I’ll share some of those photos at the end of this post, but now let’s look at all of the other awesomeness shared on Instagram this week by the people who tagged in with #crochetsavedmylife and #crochetconcupiscence in order to be part of this weekly roundup.

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Elisabeth Andree’s Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke

elisabethandree crochet mandalasformarinke

This lovely crochet mandala is a thread crochet version of Wink’s standard 12-round free crochet mandala pattern. The maker used a 3.5 mm crochet hook and a combination of two different types of cotton crochet thread. She adapted the crochet pattern “with some surface crochet and a different edge” to give it a more floral design.

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