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Czy słyszałeś o projekcie Crochet jeszcze? To nowy sezonowy zbiór online do pobrania wzorów szydełkowych. Ich pierwsza kolekcja wychodzi bardzo szybko i są one aktualnie przyjmuje wnioski wzór z projektantów do ich upadku kolekcji.

Projekt Crochet

crochet project patterns 400x147 The Crochet Project: New Patterns and a Call for Submissions

Ze strony internetowej:

Projekt Crochet to nowy sezonowy zbiór wzorów do pobrania on-line PDF. Celem projektu Crochet jest promowanie piękna, modern crochet patterns to the online market.

Projekt jest pomysłem Joanne Scrace (z Nie tak Granny) i Kat Goldin (z Ślimaki na lodówce). Joanne says: “We are both passionate about crochet design and felt that the crochet market was lagging behind the knitting one in terms of wearable, on-trend designs and quality production.

March Crochet Pattern Collection

From the press release for The Crochet Project:

The Crochet Project will launch its first collection of 10 pieces around the theme Botanics in March 2013. The colour palette is soft and pretty; sage greens, oysters, taupes, pinks and lilacs with a dash of navy and dark green for a crisp finishperfect for Spring and Summer. Designs include garments and accessories for women and girls.

Uwaga: They’re based in the UK, but the crochet patterns are going to be written in both UK and US crochet terms.

Calls for Crochet Pattern Submissions

crochet patterns project 400x400 The Crochet Project: New Patterns and a Call for Submissions

The next collection comes out in the fall. Crochet pattern submissions are due March 25th and projects are due in early July. I do know that this project is trying to highlight UK designers, but I don’t know if they also accept crochet patterns from designers around the world so you’ll want to double-check that if you’re thinking about submitting a pattern. Learn more about the submission requirements and compensation from Projekt Crochet.

The Crochet Project Blog

Finally I just wanted to give a quick mention of support for the blog on The Crochet Project website where they talk about a variety of different things but often include great tips and information on topics like getting the right drape with crochet.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 The Crochet Project: New Patterns and a Call for Submissions
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Spódniczka dzwon Monde

This is so cool! It doesn't seem to stipulate that the designers be from the UK, so I say go for it if you have a design to showcase. I shared this post on FB.

Kat Goldin
Kat Goldin

thank you so much for the great write up! We are VERY excited!!


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