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There wasn’t any link love on my blogs last week because I was too busy dealing with personal life to read blogs. Jednak, I caught up so this week’s filled with two weeks of the best posts from around the web! Cieszyć się.

Something Special

You’ve probably heard by now that I’m running a fundraiser to support my next book, which is designed to bring creativity and wellness to people through crochet. But did you know that just by donating a skein of yarn to @crochetkitten you can get your name in the acknowledgments of that book? CrochetKitten is going to start teaching crochet to children in a homeless shelter, which I think is amazing and wonderful. She needs yarn to make that happen. For every skein donated, she will donate $1 in your name to my fundraising campaign and that gets your name into the book. Oczywiście, zawsze można donate directly to the campaign także.

And Another Something Special

yarn alive crochet knit project 400x115 This Weeks Crochet Link Love

Berroco shared a great post about Yarn Alive, explaining in part:

“Istnieje około 20 women in Yarn Alive who meet each week to knit and crochet together. When they first started in June 2011, they were given needles, hooks and few skeins of yarn. At first, they made blankets that were donated to others worse off than themselves. As their story got out, the yarn kept coming in and the women branched out to all kinds of projects – hats, kapcie, sweaters – you name it.

Inteligentne szydełka postów

Piękne Marki szydełka

crochet minis This Weeks Crochet Link Love

I’m loving the minis recently crocheted by W Easy Cecile

crochet fruit This Weeks Crochet Link Love

Jestem również kochający “amigurumi pomme and poireby Julie Adore (which I assume means apple and pear).

crochet valentine This Weeks Crochet Link Love

Sew Ritzy Titzy made this great crochet Valentine’s doll

Jak Crochet

Wzory szydełkowe

crochet pattern book This Weeks Crochet Link Love

Nowy broszura wzór for sale from @CrochetKitten who explains: “A Very Crochet Unbirthday features 6 popular patterns already published on CrochetKitten.com, plus two brand new patterns never seen before, and instructions on how to hook your own party decorations!”

crochet owl pattern This Weeks Crochet Link Love

Bunny Mummy shared a free crochet owl tutorial

crocodile stitch baby bib This Weeks Crochet Link Love

Moje Recycled Torby shared free crochet patttern for a crocodile stitch baby bib

crochet headband pattern 400x265 This Weeks Crochet Link Love

Zapiekanka Crochet pałąk. Łatwe darmo szydełka wzór z Walker Whimsy, pierwszy w nowej serii miesięcznych bezpłatnych wzorów na tym blogu.

crochet dog mittens This Weeks Crochet Link Love

CrochetMe did an ebook crochet pattern roundup of mittens and handwarmers. These shown are the Fetching Dog Mittens by Judith L. Swartz.

crochet mason jar This Weeks Crochet Link Love

Crochet Spot shared a free pattern for a crochet mason jar. Cute idea for craft lovers!

crochet hot water bottle cover This Weeks Crochet Link Love

CreJJtion shared a wolne szydełku wzór for a hot water bottle cover.

Książki szydełka

Szydełka Cytat tygodnia

Even I, the Impatient Crafter, have been hooked on crochet, it’s so easy, fun and satisfying to whip up some warm and cozy crochet crafts while watching TV or traveling! If I can do it, anyone can, trust me.” – Margot Potter, the Impatient Crafter


How to Style a Rectangular Wrap by Lion Brand Yarn



Inne Crafty Rzeczy

Niektóre Specjalne podziękowania

Szczęśliwy szczęśliwy weekend i czytanie! Jeśli to nie wystarczy kreatywne czytanie dla Ciebie to możesz także sprawdzić “sztuka i mądrość” Link miłość Zrobiłem obława na na moim blogu, Dziennik Smart Chicka.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 This Weeks Crochet Link Love
Podoba Ci się ten post, proszę nacisnąć przycisk akcji! Naprawdę kocham to, co robię z Crochet pożądliwość? Rozważyć darowizna lub staje Sponsor bloga.
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undergroundcrafter like.author.displayName 1 Jak

I didn't read any blogs this week (gasp) because I'm so busy with work right now, so I'm glad to see all the highlights! Thanks for sharing the link to my interview with Kim Guzman.

CrochetBlogger moderator

@undergroundcrafter Isn't it a little weird when you don't have the time to catch up with blogs. I finally did my catching up with them but haven't caught up on the few podcasts that I listen to and I feel out of touch with my online friends' worlds! :) Hope the work is going well for you!


@CrochetBlogger Hahaha, tak prawda. I will probably go through my Google Reader in a few days and catch up (but I usually don't comment when I'm that far behind in reading!).

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