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Ludzie, którzy przyczyniają się właśnie $75 do mojej obecnej kampanii zbierania funduszy będzie jeden miesiąc reklamy na pasku bocznym na szydełku pożądliwość. This allows you to reach thousands of readers each day for an entire month!

What Fundraiser?

I am currently crowdsourcing funding online to help launch my next book, Podłączyć do Heal, which is a book of creativity exercises designed to help crocheters explore their artistic selves. The book offers support and suggestions for dealing with a number of creative blocks and coping with a variety of inner issues through the use of crochet. I am trying to get at least $2000 through this campaign to cover website fees, printing costs, photographer bills, itd..

What About This Advertising?

People who donate $75 to this campaign will get one month of advertising on Crochet Concupiscence. The advertising month can be used in any month of 2013 starting in March.

Crochet Concupiscence currently averages 5000 daily visitors with over 10000 page views each day. This is a great opportunity for you to get some attention for your product, teren, blog or store. I accept advertising from a variety of different sponsors including people offering crochet products, przędza, wzory, książki, as well as things related to fashion, sztuka, Crafting, DIY, itd.. Sidebar ads are ~300 wide and can vary in height.

Plus You’ll Get The Book

People who donate $75 to the campaign now will not only get the advertising but will also get their choice of a digital or print copy of the new book upon its release this fall.

How to Snag Your Ad Spot

Idź do Indiegogo strona kampanii zbierania funduszy. Hit “contribute now”. Wybierz profit, która jest dostępna dla $75 offering 1 month of advertising.

(A note, within the text it says $100, which is a typo that I’m unable to repair through the Indiegogo site. It’s not $100. By donating $75, you’ll get this perk.)

Other Perks

Don’t need advertising on my site? Some of the other perks that you can get are an advance copy of the print edition of the book for $25 and one month of personalized creativity crochet coaching dla $100. Sprawdź to.

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