Not Your Nana’s Needlework: Bargello Crochet Pattern Book

I mentioned in a recent Link Love roundup that Laura Pavy of The Crochet Case had set herself a goal of designing 12 new crochet patterns in November (NaNoWriMo style). She succeeded in meeting her goal! Ten of those patterns are now compiled into a e-book called Not Your Nana’s Needlework – Bargello Crochet which is available for download through Ravelry. It can also be downloaded through Craftsy as a full book or by individual pattern.

What is Bargello Crochet?

Laura took inspiration for her design challenge from the Bargello stitch in embroidery. She explains on Ravelry:

“The novelties of row designs in Bargello Crochet are the pixelated effect of chevrons and the ability to create waves, peaks and valleys of varying heights and widths. Because the patterns are created using ‘multiples of’ you can create an afghan for baby or for a king size bed!”

The introduction in Laura’s pattern book goes into more detail about the history of this stitch as well as the different Bargello Crochet stitch styles that exist.

Who is This Pattern Book For?

bargello crochet stitch 400x477 Not Your Nanas Needlework: Bargello Crochet Pattern Book

Also from the Ravelry description:

“Bargello Crochet looks more complicated than it really is; using only basic stitches allowing the beginner to challenge their new skill or the more experienced to play with something new. Once you have the initial few rows made, the rest is easy-peasy! As soon as you get the hang of the pattern stitch, you won’t even need to look at the pattern.”

About the Patterns

The patterns in this downloadable crochet book are for various blanket designs inspired by the Bargello stitch. Each pattern has written instructions as well as symbol charts for visual crocheters. Each pattern has specific blanket size information for sizes baby through king and you can use the “multiple of” notes to make the blanket smaller or larger than that if you’d like to do so.

Note: This crochet pattern designer is based in Australia; the patterns have been written using US terminology.

bargello crochet patterns Not Your Nanas Needlework: Bargello Crochet Pattern Book

And Some Notes on Color

This crochet pattern book also includes a section on color selection. This is great for all crocheters who are interested in learning more about different color combinations in their projects.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Not Your Nanas Needlework: Bargello Crochet Pattern Book

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