Czy naprawdę Crochet Rosey Grier?

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Last month I did a post profiling the craft work of 1970s pro football player Rosey Grier. In it I discussed the many references to the fact that he was someone who did crochet along with knitting and needlepoint. Jednak, after another month of research, I have to ask if he really did crochet

Grier and Needlepoint

rosey grier Did Rosey Grier Really Crochet?

It is definitely true that he did needlepoint, which is obvious from the needlepoint for men book that he published in the 1970s. Wówczas, a bunch of news articles came out that mentioned his work and said that he did other fiber arts like crochet and knitting. Recent articles, including my own, have referenced those articles.

I’ve finally gotten my hands on a copy of Grier’s needlepoint book. It’s a great book with some terrific ideas and great vintage photos. Grier discusses how fiber arts can be a beneficial thing for everyone, focusing on how they can be good for boys and men. He talks about other successful men he knows who do needlepoint. That makes this book a terrific piece of fiber arts history and an important book in its own right.

But nowhere in this book does it mention crochet. It doesn’t mention it in passing, as something that Grier enjoys or that he knows of anyone else doing. It just isn’t mentioned.

Other Mentions

Where crochet gets referenced is in articles about Grier’s book from this time. But it’s hard to say whether or not they’re accurate in terms of Grier actually crocheting. It’s possible that he did crochet as the articles say. But there are no images that I can find of him crocheting or of his crochet work. So another possibility is that these articles lumped needlepoint, crochet and knitting together and said that he did all of them when he really only did needlepoint.

This isn’t a terrible thing. At the time it was a big deal for a manly football player to be doing a fiber art. (Heck, jest still seen as a big deal). If people writing about fiber arts wanted to use his love of needlepoint to promote other arts including knitting and crochet then I don’t think there’s a problem with that. But I can’t find any confirmation that he did indeed crochet for sure.

So Did Grier Crochet?

I would say that there is a decent chance that Grier tried crochet. He was actively involved in the 1970s craft community and crochet was very popular at this time. It seems like he would have at least attempted it. And maybe it was a craft he enjoyed. But I don’t think we can say that for sure as there doesn’t seem to be specific proof of that. Co myślisz?

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In the mid-70's, after graduating from college, I worked as a Production Assistant on the Captain Kangaroo show. I was heavy into needlepoint at that time and Rosie Grier was a guest. I have a Captain Kangaroo needlepoint canvas which was created for the show he was on. I'll never forget it!


Hmm, that's a tough one. I agree that he may have tried it but it doesn't seem to have been a serious hobby of his or I'm sure there would be greater mention of it.


Pamiętam zainteresowanie Grier w igłowe, ale, zbyt, myślał, szydełkowane. W rzeczywistości, Myślę, że pamiętam, jak szydełkowanie na talk show w latach 70., może pokazać Doris Day? Myślę, że również jego needlepointing omawiane na tym samym odcinku. Pamiętam, że byłem bardzo dumny z niego za tak odważne, jak pokazać swoje Crafting na talk show na żywo, przed całym świecie. On wyraźnie cieszył się Crafting. Myślałem, że to było świetne!

CrochetBlogger moderator

Dzięki za dzielenie się, że. Mam więc zamiar sprawdzić, czy mogę upolować kopię byle z nim talk-show na nim!

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