Pain of Failure Neurologicznego zredukowano Crochet

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I recently heard from Maarit in Finland who shared her crochet health story with me. She has a neurological condition that has caused her to be wheelchair bound and in almost constant pain; szydełkowania pomaga uspokoić, zmniejsza jej ból i pomaga jej znaleźć powód, by żyć. These stories are so powerful and that’s why I’m sharing it here with you (with her permission of course).

Here’s Maarit’s story. It’s in her own words but I’ve edited it slightly because of the language difference

I have neurological failure all around. It is similar to MS or dystonia but the doctors haven’t been able to specifically diagnose it. I have been in a wheelchair for more than seven years now and at this point only my hands are working well.

I started crocheting again. I have done everything with my hands for all of my life. There were a couple of years that my hands were in such bad condition that my fingers almost didn’t work at all. I am so glad that this didn’t last long-term because sometimes it feels that only yarn and the colors of it mean something to me.

I also feel good when I get smiles from my four kids when they but on a new scarf or add a new blanket I’ve made to their beds. That’s wonderful, but it’s not the main reason that I crochet.

I crochet because it is so incredibly calming. Sometimes my fingers don’t feel the touch of the yarn. Sometimes my hands ache like hell. Sometimes I shake so badly that the yarn moves out of my fingers and the hook ends up on the floor and I have to wait for someone to pick it up for me. I jeszcze, despite those difficulties, crochet is somehow calming.

I have been known to say, “I have no need to think anything when I knit or crochet.

Oczywiście, there is some thinking, but it’s a different type of thinking than when you’re worrying about life in general. I think perhaps only crocheting people will know what I’m talking about.

My pain is so bad. It doesn’t go away but even with the pain in me I’m able to escape a little bit into my hook and yarn. When I am hiding in the yarn riding with my hook the pain is like a bad dream.

That day when my hands aren’t working anymore I think I really will die.

Many people with hand conditions find that crochet helps them despite the fact that it can cause some pain. W rzeczywistości, “hand conditionsis one of the physical health topics I cover in my book, Szydełka uratował mi życie.

Feel free to share your positive words of encouragement with Maarit in the comments below!

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Sacredcrocheter 1 Jak

Thank you for your uplifting story. I can relate because I have a neurological disease which causes intense pain when it flares up. At other times, I'm just "in pain" which I don't really even consider to be pain anymore-just part of my life. Crocheting is the only thing that can keep my mind off the extreme pain when it occurs-It just shows the amazing power the mind can have!

I can crochet and suddenly realize that I've forgotten about the pain for a decent period of time.

I related to your mention of having to wait for someone to pick someting up for you if you drop it. I used to be fiercely independent and would rather suffer than ask for help. I think one of the reasons God has allowed this to happen to me is to humble me. I'm learning to take from others rather than just trying to control everything myself. It's very hard for me-but necessary for me to become a better person.

I will pray for you and hope you have many many years of happiness from crochet!


I know the terror of not being able to crochet, after my car accident i was not able to crochet for a long while, szczęście pracować z moim fizjoterapeuta udało mi się wreszcie szydełkować ponownie i byłem na joyed. Ja trzymam Cię w moim łańcuchu modlitwy przyjacielu, że życie będzie lepiej dla Ciebie, Wiem, że ma dużo jak ja, nie rezygnując(jest to, jak widzę z twojej historii tak czy inaczej) i mam nadzieję i modlę się masz wiele wiele więcej lat tworzenia. Niech Bóg błogosławi wam Vicki

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