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Projektant szydełka, blogger and podcaster Stacey Trock recently did a terrific review of my new book, Szydełka uratował mi życie 3 Ways Crochet Improves Our Modern Lives. In this review she does a terrific job of explaining how what I’ve written about the health benefits of crochet can help anyone in today’s modern busy lives regardless of whether or not they are dealing with health issues.

Part of what Stacey says:

Kathryn points out that the act of crocheting is calming and meditative, and provides stress relief to those who may not be interested in yoga or traditional meditation. Ponadto, the craft creates additional benefits that are slipping away from our modern lifestyles.

She goes on to identify three key ways that crochet can improve our modern lives:

  1. It serves as a way to set and meetconcrete, obtainable goals (which when completed, serve to boost satisfaction and self-esteem)”
  2. Crochet can bea common-ground for community to be developed (and trust me, having friends and chatting is crucial to happiness!)”
  3. It offersa tactile way of relating to the world, in touching natural fibers like wool and cotton
I love the way Stacey has phrased these things and pulled out these key messages from Crochet Saved My Life. Read Stacey’s full review of my book here. She has a lot more smart stuff to say about our modern lives, the importance of resting and rejuvenating and the benefits of crafting in this review.

And visit my blog on Monday, September 17th, to enjoy a guest post here by Stacey where she talks about how she manages to take downtime in a busy, crafty life!

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@JanCarruthers2 I find crochet more relaxing too :)


Kupiłem tę książkę na Kindle i to było po prostu cudowne. Mogę tylko zgodzić się, że uratował mi życie szydełka też


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