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Niedawno otrzymał piękny mail od profesjonalnego artysty imieniem Issa O-Issa, który niedawno zaczął się rozwijać w pracy z szydełka. Issa podzielił się ze mną swoją pracę, więc pomyślałem, że podzielę się z wami.

O Crochet artysty Issa Abou-Issa

crochet art Emerging Crochet Artist Issa Abou Issa

Abou-Issa Issa Luizjana jest oparte na profesjonalnym artystą (Pochodzi z Nowego Jorku) który sprawia, że ​​sztuki wizualne, a nie sztuka ulicy. Zawsze chciała nauczyć się szydełkować i wreszcie postanowił nauczyć się korzystania filmów z YouTube. Swój pierwszy szydełka prokect nie tak dawno temu i używał go do yarnbomb New Jork drzewo. Obraz jej drzewa użyto jako inspiracji na stronie i czuła naprawdę zachęca do kontynuowania tych prac. Ten artysta jest obecnie reprezentowana przez Seion Gallery, położony w Houma, LA.

Popkultury szydełka

crochet space invader Emerging Crochet Artist Issa Abou Issa

Issa’s recent explorations in crochet are 2d artworks inspired by pop culture. I’m a big fan of her Pacman ghost. (You may or may not know that I’m a master of Ms. Pacman!)

crochet pacman Emerging Crochet Artist Issa Abou Issa

Where It’s Going

I’m really curious to see where Issa goes with her crochet work in the months to come. I love the way thatt she’s working in 2-3 colors on flat surfaces for now, using graphic shapes to evoke a strong visual reaction. As she gets more and more experience with the hooks, it’ll be interesting to see how her work changes!

Wizyta Issa on Facebook. Również, check out the interviews she’s done of other artists and art world folks na jej blogu.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Emerging Crochet Artist Issa Abou Issa
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danidoesdoilies 1 Jak

People like her amaze me! In the Stitch and Bitch Happy Hooker you read about women who have recently taken up the hook and months later (dosłownie) are having patterns published in national magazines and books! It really inspires me, who has been crocheting for years now as I change careers (by force!) to try and create and publish some patterns!

Sacredcrocheter 1 Jak


I'd been crocheting for over 30 lat (off and on) and was retired from my career before I got the confidence to submit a pattern. Unbelievably-the first one I sent in got published! Od tego czasu, I've had my share of rejections and I feel like giving up every time I get one-but then another one gets accepted when I least expect it. We all have our own pace and our own inner timeclock-don't give up-your time will come!


I'm a big fan of street art and Issa about Issa's pacman crochet pieces are quite witty. They are a crochet homage to Space Invader who is a pioneer of the street art movement. Early on, Space Invader's street art consisted of small tile pictures in the shape of the Pacman icon.

If you haven't seen it and you love street art-watch the Banksy documentary "Wyjście przez sklep z pamiątkami" (Netflix) It's a fascinating portrait of the early street art movement.

You've probably seen the hilarious "OBEY CROCHET" graphic with the fist holding a hook-well, that's a take off of Shepard Fairey's (a.k.a. OBEY) early work featuring Andree the Giant with the word OBEY underneath.

I love seeing crochet connect with art-thanks Kathryn.

CrochetBlogger moderator

@Sacredcrocheter I'm so glad that you made the connect with Space Invader! I knew this but didn't quite make the connection myself and it makes perfect sense now that you say it. Banksy's "Exit" is a great documentary. Right now I'm reading a book by Richard Polsky called Art Prophets that's all about some of the leading people who really helped "make or break" various areas of art and one chapter is devoted to street art and touches on the work of Shepard Fairey. You might enjoy the book. (Polsky also has two other books about the art world that are interesting if you're curious about the market aspect of art.)


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