Coś w szefów wody do Brazylii

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Last year an artist named Wendy Osher put out a zadzwoń zgłoszeń for an eco-friendly crochet art project called Coś w wodzie. Participants would crochet plastic bags into breasts that would be joined together to make a unique alternative crochet reef intended to raise awareness about the fact that plastic bags contaminate water and can affect breast milk.

I chose to participate in this project. It’s the only time that I’ve crocheted with plastic bags. I don’t really like working with plarn (although I love what other people are doing with it) but I was happy to be able to be a part of this project. It went on display in the fall. At that time, Osher put out a call to others to see if they would be interested in hosting a version of the project in their areas.

The project has now headed to South America! Daisy Maicel has put out a call for Coś w wodzie, the Portuguese version of the project. More people will crochet plarn breasts to make a new reef for a Brazilian exhibit. The original reef will join the new reef. And as more and more satellite projects develop, all of the previous reefs will join the newest reefs in each location. Jak zabawa! You can donate to the Brazilian project if it’s something that interests you.

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