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I rozpoczął mój comiesięczny biuletyn w lutym, a jeśli były częścią tej premiery, to wiesz, że jestem wyposażony oferty od sprzedawców przędzy w każdym numerze, że mogę. My March sponsor is going to be Bre-Aly Threads. There will be a 20% off discount code for subscribers of that newsletter which comes out next week. Sign up here to get in on the deal.

About Bre-Aly Threads

Bre-Aly Tematy is an Etsy store offering beautifully dyed crochet thread. It is all size 10 wątek szydełka. Most of it is dyed on America’s Best which is 100% Mercerized Cotton Crochet Thread. At normal current prices you get 175 yards for $3.75 plus shipping.

Some Samples

It was the stunning unique color combinations that really drew me to this seller’s page in the first place. Some of the colors are light and pale; others are dark and dramatic, but what stands out is the combination of colors together. The two that I chose to get for myself were Fern and Kyran.

crochet thread My Readers Get 20% Off Crochet Thread!

My Review

I haven’t worked with my crochet thread yet because I was so busy getting ready for and going on my camping vacation. Jednak, I immediately wished I had time to work with it when it came in the mail. The colors truly are striking and I think I’m going to use them to make some crochet jewelry although it’s possible I’ll make a wine crochet gift bag instead. The yarn seems like a solid cotton yarn, the dye job is great, and I think this seems like a great product.

Especially at 20% off so sign up for that newsletter if you haven’t already.

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