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One year ago today I shared the story of Pat and Dennis, podstępny może świętuje siedemdziesiątej rocznicy. Pat był Knitter i Dennis był crocheter w gospodarstwie domowym. Dziś mam podobną historię, ale tym razem jest odwrotnie, ona mu robi na drutach i szydełkowania.

Sam and Carol are a married couple with a big family. Their six children have given them nearly two dozen grandchildren and nearly four dozen great grand children. Their life is rich and full and they keep busy. Every Thursday morning they both go together to a senrio activity center where they enjoy a craft class. Sam is the knitter of the family and Carol crochets.

According to Ruth Malan of the Standard-Examiner, Sam learned to knit at the age of 67. I think this is great because it gives him something productive that he can do since retiring from his job on an Air Force base. Many elderly people, especially men, feel very useless after retirement and I believe that crafting for others is a great way to give back to others and feel useful as you age. Sam has now been knitting for about 20 lat. He says it helps him keep his hands active to improve his arthritis.

Sam says that he doesn’t know how to crochet. Carol says it’s because he just hasn’t tried. He counters that he did try when he was a wee lad and his mom wanted him to crochet a rag rug but he couldn’t figure it out. Oczywiście, that could be because he was young or because he wasn’t really interested or because it’s not nearly as easy to work with rags as it is to work with yarn. But Sam is happy with his knitting so that’s okay.

One of Sam’s favorite things to knit is sweaters for Carol. He loves seeing her put them on. But Carol isn’t the only one whose gotten his sweaters. He’s made twice as many for himself as for her and he’s made sweaters for all of his kids, some of his grandkids and for donation to 16 missionaries. Sam adds extra little touches like sewing an added button into the inside of the sweater in case one gets lost.

I can just picture Sam and Carol sitting together. I see a twinkle in her eye as she crochets while wearing one of the sweaters he knitted for her. How special!

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So cute story! That's so beautiful, Dziękujemy za udostępnienie

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