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crochet discussions Friday Open Discussion: Do You Honor Your Craft?

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O dyskusja postów

Cenię to, co moi czytelnicy mają do powiedzenia i że twój głos może przyczynić się dużo wiedzy na tym blogu. Each Friday I’ll post a thought or question that I believe is pertinent to crocheters dzisiaj. To okazja, by podzielić się swoimi przemyśleniami i opiniami na temat. Można po prostu powiedzieć, co masz na myśli o tym czy można odpowiedzieć na cudzych myśli i komentarze. Zawsze czuć się komfortowo, dzieląc się swoimi przemyśleniami, ale także zachować zdrowy rozsądek co czyste, szacunku i miły dla wszystkich w grupie.

Dzisiejszy temat: Honoring the Craft

Jedną z rzeczy, które zauważyłem w crafter jest to, że wiele kobiet umniejszać wartości ich craftingu. Some almost never talk about the fact that they crochet, even if they do it as a business. Or they admit that they crochet but they say it quietly and dismissively and change the subject, as though it is not important.

Other people that I know will admit that they crochet but insist on saying that it’sjust a hobby”, shying away from using terms like “producent” lub “crafter” lub “artysta”. Są, oczywiście, many degrees of crafting and many reasons for applying different terms to ourselves. They may all be valid but only if we consciously choose them.

Are you guilty of dismissing your crafting skills? When and where do you admit that you crochet? When do you hide it or downplay it? What are the good and bad things about this issue? Porozmawiajmy.

My Thoughts on the Topic

I used to think that I wasn’t guilty of downplaying the craft. I’ve gotten really good at being a loud and proud crocheter, letting people know that writing about crochet is basically what I do for a living. W rzeczywistości, I am probably sometimes annoying in the way that I talk about the importance of crafting in today’s society and the value I see in the fact the refreshed cross-generational, cross-gender interest in the craft.

Ah, but I am guilty of downplaying the craft after all. I’ve noticed recently that I freely proclaim my crocheter title when I’m talking to women. When I’m talking to men that aren’t my close friends, chociaż, I’m not nearly as vocal about it. When men ask what I do, I say that I write or blog. I don’t specify that I write about crochet or crafting. If I mention that I do art stuff, I say it as an aside and also don’t mention the fiber arts specifically. I suppose that this is because I think that there are a lot of stereotypes about the craft, especially among men, and I don’t want to seem dowdy and homey and boring when I’m trying to be attractive to the opposite sex. But my reaction to the situation is exactly what perpetuates those stereotypes. I can be a hot crocheter! So I want to wear my crochet pin a bit more boldly in times to come.

Twoje myśli?

Let’s talk about it! Podziel się swoją opinią w komentarzach poniżej. Who is going to get the ball rolling?

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Being a crafter is very important these days. We are keeping a craft alive in our communities. An article in Permaculture magazine (out of Britian) pointed out that many young people are not learning basic crafts. They are distracted by the technology and not interested in traditional crafts. Unfortunately this makes us more and more reliant on trucks and ships to bring us stuff from around the world. These long supply chains can be prone to disruption ( hurricanes, oil stoppage, truck strike), leaving us ill prepared to take care of ourselves. Most folks couldn't make a pair of socks or a warm hat for anything. By building our skills in crochet we are not only having fun but are also making our communities more resilient, more able to weather whatever the economy, or the climate throws at us. Hold your heads up high ladies and gents!!

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